Armor Type: One-Hand Mace – Common
Level Req.: 1
Source: Vendors
Availability: Extremely easy to get

The ‘Club’ is available from Weapon Merchants and Weaponsmiths in most capital cities, at the cost of just a few copper. For specific information on where to buy it, check the Wowhead article.

Alternatively, grab yourself a few Planks of Wood and a Crate of Nails and make your own! (Not really, everyone knows that you need to be a skilled weaponsmith to craft such a fine club.)

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  1. Simond says:

    There are also a few green items sharing this model – a low-level drop from Westfall (Driftwood Club), a quest in Felwood (Ruumbo’s Arm) and a TBC random drop (Anvilmar Hammer of X).

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