Kirin Tor High Mage


Kirin Tor High Mage
Tier 8 Mage Lookalike

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 80
Source: BoP raid drops, one tailored item and one vendor item
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:
This outfit is essentially a recolour of the mage Tier 8 Kirin Tor sets, with a few extras. The armor pieces for the set are mostly a mixture of normal and hard-mode boss drops from Ulduar 25. It is advisable to pursue this set as part of a raid, as Ulduar 25 can still present challenges, even at level 85.

The belt, which isn’t a part of the T8 recolour, is obtained via a gear trader outside of Sunwell Plateau. It requires a drop from within the instance, and is only wearable by priests, mages and warlocks. If you’re not one of these classes, there’s another option listed under the “Armor Alternatives” section, although it has a different graphic.

It is worth noting that there is no matching chestpiece for this set, although the tabard and shirt cover up the absence rather nicely. On the other hand, there is a matching headpiece from Ulduar, two infact, but we chose to leave them out of the suggested set. If you are interested in seeing them anyway, here are the links: Collar of the Wyrmhunter & Cowl of the Absolute.

Several of the Ulduar items have identical copies to be found elsewhere in the instance, these are listed below under “Armor Alternatives”. They are divided, as those at the top are easier to obtain (from normal-mode encounters), but any of them are perfectly fitting for this set.

ShouldersSoot-Covered Mantle (BoP from normal-mode Ignis the Furnace Master in Ulduar 25, at an 18% drop rate)
WristsBracers of Unleashed Magic (BoP from Cache of Living Stone after defeating Kologarn in Ulduar 25, at an 15% drop rate)
GlovesConstructor’s Handwraps (BoP from normal-mode Flame Leviathan in Ulduar 25, at a 22% drop rate)
WaistVindicator’s Silk Belt (Traded with Kayri on the Isle of Quel’Danas, at the cost of a Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher from Sunwell Plateau)
LegsOverload Legwraps (BoP from normal-mode Assembly of Iron in Ulduar 25, at a 20% drop rate)
FeetSandals of Rash Temperament (BoP from normal-mode XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar 25, at an 18% drop rate)

Armor Alternatives:
WristsGrips of Chaos (BoP from random Ulduar 25 trash mobs)
GlovesPharos Gloves (BoP from Gift of the Observer after defeating Algalon in Ulduar 25, at an 18% drop rate)
WaistBelt of the Darkspeaker (BoP from normal-mode General Vezax in Ulduar 25)
LegsLeggings of the Enslaved Idol (BoP from Freya’s Gift after defeating hard-mode Freya in Ulduar 25)
FeetBoots of the Servant (BoP from Freya’s Gift after defeating normal-mode Freya in Ulduar 25)

ShirtRich Purple Silk Shirt (Created by tailors of 185+ skill via Pattern: Rich Purple Silk Shirt)
TabardTabard of the Kirin Tor (Purchased from Archmage Alvareaux in Dalaran, at Friendly reputation the the Kirin Tor)
StaffCrystalheart Pulse-Staff (BoP from Magtheridon in Magtheridon’s Lair, at a 15% drop rate)

Recolors (Mage only):



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2 Responses to “Kirin Tor High Mage”

  1. Rilo says:

    Raiments of the Iron Council

    Is one chest alternative you can use with this set.

  2. Avari says:

    Vestments of the Piercing Light

    Another chest alternative, as it brings out the red accentuations a little better.

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