Green Worldbreaker Recolour


Green Worldbreaker Recolour
Tier 8 Shaman Lookalike

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 80
Source: BoP/BoE drops from Ulduar
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:
This outfit is a recolour of the shaman Tier 8 Worldbreaker sets and is specifically obtained from within Ulduar10.

The set, designed initially for caster shamans, is a mixture of normal and hard-mode boss drops. Note that the bracers are BoE, so you may be lucky enough to find them at your local Auction House from time-to-time.

It is advisable to pursue this set as part of a raid, as Ulduar 10 can still present challenges, even at level 85.

HeadHelm of Veiled Energies (BoP from normal-mode XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar 10, at a 21% drop rate)
ShouldersObserver’s Mantle (BoP from Gift of the Observer after defeating Algalon in Ulduar 10, at a 16% drop rate)
ChestFirestrider Chestguard (BoP from normal-mode Flame Leviathan in Ulduar 10, at a 20% drop rate)
WristsArmbraces of the Vibrant Flame (BoE from normal-mode Ignis the Furnace Master in Ulduar 10, at an 18% drop rate)
GlovesGloves of Whispering Winds (BoP from Freya’s Gift after defeating hard-mode Freya in Ulduar 10)
WaistBelt of the Iron Servant (BoP from normal-mode Assembly of Iron in Ulduar 10, at a 22% drop rate)
LegsIronscale Leggings (BoP from normal-mode Razorscale in Ulduar 10, at an 18% drop rate)
FeetGreaves of the Earthbinder (BoP from Cache of Living Stone after defeating normal-mode Kologarn in Ulduar 10, at a 19% drop rate)

ChestBreastplate of the Stoneshaper (BoP from hard-mode XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar 10)

Recolours (Shaman only):



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2 Responses to “Green Worldbreaker Recolour”

  1. Fletcher says:

    If you’d prefer a kilt (personally I’m not a huge fan of these particular legs, which seem rather plain) the shaman T11 set matches this set very well indeed.

  2. Lycanthro says:

    Leggings of the Weary Mystic are a perfect match for this set as well.

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