Brown Sunwell Mail Set

Brown Sunwell Mail Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP boss drops from Sunwell Plateau
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:
All five pieces of this set, which were originally designed for hunters and enhancement shamans, are straight-forward boss drops from Sunwell Plateau.

Additionally, there are three pieces in the extended Hunter Tier 6 sets which fit this appearance perfectly and also drop from Sunwell bosses: Gronnstalker’s Belt, Gronnstalker’s Bracers and Gronnstalker’s Boots, which are of course only available to hunters.

Whilst the shoulders listed here are matches in terms of stats, Blizzard had a slight mix-up in the colour department, as they are actually visual matches for the Brutal Gladiator’s Shaman Sets. The Brutal Gladiator’s Pursuit shoulders were former colour matches for this set, but they were changed in Patch 5.0.4. As of this point, there are no real matching shoulders for this outfit.

Gathering the set pieces will require a raid group, even of level 85 characters, as many of the Sunwell encounters are particularly challenging, or have mechanics requiring multiple players.

HeadCoif of Alleria (BoP from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, at a 19% drop rate)
ShouldersMantle of the Golden Forest (BoP from Lady Sacrolash & Grand Warlock Alythess in Sunwell Plateau, at a 21% rate)
ChestVicious Hawkstrider Hauberk (BoP from M’uru/Entropius in Sunwell Plateau, at a 15% drop rate)
GlovesThalassian Ranger Gauntlets (BoP from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, at a 17% drop rate)
LegsStarstalker Legguards (BoP from Kalecgos/Sathrovarr the Corruptor in Sunwell Plateau, at a 17% drop rate)

PolearmShivering Felspine (BoP drop from random Sunwell trash mobs)

There are two leatherworking patterns from Sunwell which offer alternatives to the chestpiece and gloves mentioned above, however, whilst these crafted pieces share the same models, they are coloured differently, as seen below.

The alternative pieces are as follows: Embrace of the Phoenix, which is created using Pattern: Embrace of the Phoenix, and Fletcher’s Gloves of the Phoenix, created with Pattern: Fletcher’s Gloves of the Phoenix. Both patterns are rare drop from random Sunwell trash mobs, however, it should be noted that not only are the patterns rare, but the items they create are also BoP, and thus only available to leatherworkers.


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6 Responses to “Brown Sunwell Mail Set”

  1. Drunkh says:

    Good weapon alternatives if you are unlucky with the drop:

    Brutal Gladiator’s Painsaw –

    Halbred of Desolation (to a lesser extent) –

  2. Sarcasm says:

    THE T 6.5 SHOULDERS DO NOT MATCH THE REST OF THE SET!!! <— THESE shoulders fully complete this set (which is made primarily for hunters; the shoulders you currently show here match shamans, not hunters).

    • Noelani says:

      It’s true that the models are mixed up between the Sunwell and T4 mail sets. Our intent with this particular article is to have a set that is available for either hunters or shamans, rather than having bits specific to just one class. Nevertheless we’ll edit the articles to make it clear as to how one can obtain the perfect match.

      P.S. Writing comments to us in caps is just “awesome”.

  3. Eggs says:

    Hunters can also use the 70 PVP set obtainable with Honor Points to mimic this if they don’t want to farm in Sunwell!

  4. Fougin says:

    The models have been fixed as of 5.0.4. The brutal shoulders now match the rest of the brutal set and I have reason to believe that the brown shoulders (as it used to be) are now in the sunwell under a different item name.

    • Noelani says:

      The shoulder situation for these models is indeed rather complicated, and as if it wasn’t messy enough before, 5.0.4 only added to the confusion.

      You’re correct in saying that the Brutal Gladiator’s Pursuit (Hunter S4) did have its shoulders fixed with 5.0.4.

      However, the shoulders for this set, the Brown Sunwell Mail, were not fixed, and there is now no orange orb shoulders in the game at all. The Blue Sunwell Mail set is also still lacking true matching shoulders.

      It’s possible that this will change again in future, and we’ll do our best to update the articles if the changes do come, but as of 5.0.5 things are still unresolved.

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