The Butcher

The Butcher

Armor Type: Cloth and One-Handed Axes
Level Req.: 27
Source: Dungeon drops, world events, one tailored item and a world BoE
Availability: Not overly hard to complete, but requires patience

How to get the set:
The most challenging piece of this set to obtain is the hat, a random world BoE drop from creatures in the 25-35 range. Due to the random factor, your best hope of finding it is probably to frequently scan your local Auction House.

The cleaver is considerably easier to get, a straight-forward drop from a boss in Shadowfang Keep normal mode. It is worth noting that, since Cataclysm, the boss dropping this weapon apparently still spawns, but only does so once Baron Silverlaine has been killed, meaning you will have to back-track if you want a shot at the hatchet.

Even easier is the shoes, a tailored item from a recipe available from a vendor. There should be plenty of tailors around capable of crafting these for you.

Patience is truly a virtue of the WoW-player, and something that needs to be exhibited for the next two items. The dress and off-hand are both rewards from world events, the former from Pilgrim’s Bounty, the latter Darkmoon Faire. Both are easily obtained, via simple quests/handins, but you only get the chance to do so on specific occasions, once a month for the lump of mutton… once a year for the robe! If you fancy this outfit, be sure not to miss the chance to grab these items when the opportunity presents itself.

Head – Durable Hat (BoE world drop)
Chest – Pilgrim’s Dress (Reward from Pilgrim’s Bounty seasonal quests)
Feet – Dress Shoes (Crafted by Tailors of 250+ skill)
One-Handed Axe – Butcher’s Cleaver (BoP from Razorclaw the Butcher in Normal Shadowfang Keep)
Off-Hand – Last Year’s Mutton (Darkmoon Faire prize)

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  1. I believe there is a similar off-hand available from a horde quest in Silverpine Forest, fairly late in the questline. They’re all low level quests though, so it shouldn’t be difficult to aquire.

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