Destroyer Recolour


Destroyer Armor Recolour
Tier 5 Warrior Lookalike

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70/77 with Dwarf extras/85 with Night Elf extras
Source: BoP boss drops from Outland raid instances
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:

The recolour of the Warrior T5 set, the Destroyer Armor, is comprised of five items distributed between Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye. It is advisable to pursue this set as part of a small group or raid, even if you are maximum level, as some of the encounters from which the items drop are either extremely difficult or impossible to solo.

For the sake of appearances, we have also included suggestions for BoE boots and belt, in an effort to ‘complete’ the set, which sorely misses a true recolour of the original boots and girdle.

HeadFel-Steel Warhelm (BoP from Void Reaver in The Eye)
ShouldersPauldrons of the Wardancer (BoP from Hydross the Unstable in Serpentshrine Cavern)
ChestKrakken-Heart Breastplate (BoP from Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern)
GlovesRoyal Gauntlets of Silvermoon (BoP from Kael’thas Sunstrider in The Eye)
LegsGreaves of the Bloodwarder (BoP from High Astromancer Solarian in The Eye)

Dwarf Extras:

WaistKraken Girdle (BoE random world drop from Northrend zones/instances)
FeetKraken Greaves (BoE random world drop from Northrend zones/instances)
Two-Handed SwordManslayer of the Qiraji (BoP drop from General Rajaxx in the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj)

Human Extras:

The night elf uses the same boots and belt as above.
One-Handed SwordSplinterspear Sword (BoE world drop from Cataclysm zones/instances)
ShieldAkmin-Kurai, Dominion’s Shield (BoP drop from Nefarian in Blackwing Descent)


Update: Thanks to those who’ve commented on this set. We’ve updated the article with some of your suggestions.



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10 Responses to “Destroyer Recolour”

  1. Sawier says:

    I think this axe looks also great with this set

  2. Allerian says:

    As a blood DK, I was able to solo Hydross and Void Reaver to obtain the shoulders and helm, but since Vashj and Kael are either impossible or very hard to solo, those two are the only pieces I will likely pick up. So I set about looking for easy to obtain pieces that would round out the set nicely. In the end, I chose 3/5 pieces of the craftable Fel Iron Plate set (Chestpiece, Legplates, and Gloves) combined with the BoE Emerald set (Boots & Belt) for a bit of variation (though the Fel Iron Plate set does have its own boots and belt if you’d prefer to keep things consistent). While not a perfect match, the pieces jive nicely. Here’s a picture:

    And here’s a link to a set preview on WoWHead if you’d like to see how it looks on your preferred race. (

    As for a weapon, I’m using Jin’Rohk from the old ZA to round out the look. (Glad I held onto that thing!) As far as two-handed swords go, there are a couple with greenish coloring that might work as well, depending on your aesthetic preferences:

    Sword of Nefarian’s Hand
    (Quest Reward,

    Greatsword of Forlorn Visions
    (BoP drop – Warp Splinter,

    Darkened Broadsword
    (BoE world drop,

    Zin’rokh, Destroyer of Worlds

    And though I don’t use one-handers, one great one does come to mind:

    Talon of Azshara
    (BoP drop – Morogrim Tidewalker,

    Sorry for the wall of text, but hopefully some have found this informative and/or helpful!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey there iam lookin for a good matchin shield

  4. RandomGuyWithBoots says:

    For Boots, I find much more matching these:
    Thick Scale Sabatons
    Take Care =)

  5. endersblade says:

    I’m actually using the ‘Kraken’ boots and belt for this set. Wrath-level BoE greens.

    Here’s my current getup:

  6. Vilecat says:

    A perfect 2h sword to go with it would be a drop from AQ

    Other 2h weapons that would potentially look good with this outfit: (might suit the original set more though)


    A very good belt to go with this set is but it seems that many brownish belts with less details will do just fine.

    For those who don’t want zomghueg!! boots, seems to be a good alternative. They’re more like socks, and imho the design of the pants make it look like there are slim boots already on.


    If you’d prefer a 1h + shield to a 2h, there are a few interesting choices. For shields:

    1h swords:

    1h maces:

    1h axes:


    Terribly sorry for the wall of links, but I figured that I could save people some researching by sharing the time I spent looking at complimentary extras for my pally. I only listed what you could find PvE wise, I haven’t looked at PvP, rep rewards or BS crafting as of now.

  7. Orik says:

    I took this shoes, they are very small, so the legs are longer, matches perfectly:

    As a belt i took this, also matches perfectly:

  8. Merc says:

    Looks great with it as well, idk if it was link previously.

  9. Smittles says:

    I use this set the helm+Shoulders with the Fel Iron plate set. It fits pretty well, and it doesn’t cost too much to get made (32 bars). IT doesn’t fit as well when you use the legs, chest, or gloves.

  10. Saezer says:

    I picked up the ilvl 502 boots from one of the level 90 Barrens quests and realized they go with this set really well.

    Alternatively, there’s a couple LFR ones as well.

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