Righteous Armor


Righteous Armor
Paladin Dungeon Set 3

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP boss drops from normal and heroic Outland dungeons
Availability: Time consuming to farm, but soloable by high level characters

How to get the set:
The 5 pieces of the Righteous Armor are from normal and heroic level 70 Outland dungeons. The farming process is easily soloable by a level 85 character, but it is potentially very time consuming to gather the entire set, due to daily heroic lockouts.

Also available are three Outland heroic epic items which, although not technically part of the Righteous Armor, match the appearance of the set.

HeadHelm of the Righteous (BoP from Pathaleon the Calculator in Normal and Heroic Mechanar)
ShouldersSpaulders of the Righteous (BoP from Laj in Normal and Heroic Botanica)
ChestBreastplate of the Righteous (BoP from Warlord Kalithresh in Normal and Heroic Steamvault)
GlovesGauntlets of the Righteous (BoP from Warchief Kargath Bladefist in Normal and Heroic Shattered Halls)
LegsLegplates of the Righteous (BoP from Aeonus in Normal and Heroic Black Morass)

WristsBracers of Dignity (BoP from Harbinger Skyriss in Heroic Arcatraz)
WaistGirdle of Valorous Deeds (BoP from Aeonus in Heroic Black Morass)
FeetBoots of the Righteous Path (BoP from Warchief Kargath Bladefist in Heroic Shattered Halls)


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20 Responses to “Righteous Armor”

  1. There’s also a matching-color look-alike of this outfit from Karazhan, in spellplate. But it does not include a helm (which would logically drop from Prince Malachezar if there were one; however, the T4 helm whose token does drop off Malachezar is a good match anyways)

    • Aurora Nova says:

      Alas, I have since come to realize the spellplate belt, bracers, and boots in KZ are not, in fact, D3 matches, but instead are the ‘missing’ accessories to T4

  2. Dustin Yonts says:

    This set is amazing. No joke, I’m going to farm this and use it for Transmogrification instead of my T6.

  3. Diegore says:

    Matches Pally Argent Charger and Argent Tourney tabard perfectly, better than any other set out there.

  4. Curious as to if there is a shield that would go well with this. PVP, drops, quests, doesn’t matter from where

  5. Amie Campbell says:

    Zeth’Gor Shield goes very nicely.

  6. Djahan says:

    Try Bloodbane Shroud with this set, it’s a very nice match!

  7. Craig says:

    I’m going to use this set with Triptych Shield of the Ancients and Quel’Delar. Both look excellent.

  8. Neil says:

    Eadric the Pure at the Argent Tournament grounds wears this set, sans helmet. And since his shield/mace match the set so well, I’ll add them here too. They are Shield of the Mists, and Torch of Holy Fire, respectively.

    Sadly, no plate monocle that I have found yet. 🙁

    • Djahan says:

      Thanks Neil! That looks really nice together! Great tip!

    • Aurora Nova says:

      I disagree. Eadric is /not/ using Shield of the Mists. He is, in fact, using Bastion of Light, the bluer version of that style of shield, from Anetheron, in Battle for Mount Hyjal.

  9. Erik says:

    Brighthelm of Justice goes perfectly with this set 🙂

  10. Dakota Usher says:

    So, I’m getting the red offcolor of this, each piece starts with Crusader’s and you get them from various BC quartermasters. I can’t seem to find any belts or boots that match. Anyone know where to find them?

  11. Easorian says:

    There is a copy of the legs that is available at Honored with the Argent Crusade: Standard Issue Legguards.

  12. Cymek says:

    If you’re looking for 2H Mace, Mograine’s Might goes perfectly.

    This set, plus the Argent Crusader’s Tabard, plus the previously mentioned mace makes a beautiful set.

  13. Tutina says:

    got this last night. a really good 2 hand axe that goes with this set nicely ”Axe of the Nexus-kings” Nexus prince shaffar Mana Tombs heroic. Just looks the part for me on one of my pala’s

  14. Vengaul says:

    Almost finished this set for my death knight. I like sets that go against the grain a little bit (makes a change from the endless red / black / purple DKs all over the place) and a little white goes a long way in my DK’s quest for redemption. 😉

    I echo the other comments here, the Crusader’s Tabard from the Argent Tournament fits the set perfectly. If you’re after a weapon, Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful has some similar color matching and features some rune decoration on the blade that I feel suits the death knight style well.

  15. Wolfgardos says:

    Finally got the hands yesterday, completing the set. I’m wearing this on my warrior because, as Vengaul, I like mogs that go against the usual choices for my class. Now I’ll start to farm this: http://wowroleplaygear.info/2012/01/17/black-deathbone/

  16. Flowa says:

    For Paladins, most of the pieces of the Wrathful level 80 PvP set are a match in case you don’t want to farm this set or have had bad luck.

    Also, the Highlander’s Plate Belt matches the set and is only 55 Honor Points.

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