Doomplate Battlegear


Doomplate Battlegear

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoP boss drops from normal and heroic Outland dungeons
Availability: Time consuming to farm, but soloable by high level characters

How to get the set:
The 5 pieces of the Doomplate Battlegear are from normal and heroic level 70 Outland dungeons. The farming process is easily soloable by a level 85 character, but it is potentially very time consuming to gather the entire set, due to daily heroic lockouts.

Also available are two rare quality Outland dungeon drops which, although not technically part of the Doomplate, match the appearance of the set. There doesn’t appear to be any bracers which perfectly match the Doomplate gear.

HeadDoomplate Warhelm (BoP from Epoch Hunter in Heroic Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
ShouldersDoomplate Shoulderguards (BoP from The Black Stalker in Heroic Underbog)
ChestDoomplate Chestguard (BoP from Harbinger Skyriss in Normal and Heroic Arcatraz)
GlovesDoomplate Gauntlets (BoP from Keli’dan the Breaker in Heroic Blood Furnace)
LegsDoomplate Legguards (BoP from Exarch Maladaar in Heroic Auchenai Crypts)
WaistDeathforge Girdle (BoP from Talon King Ikiss in Normal and Heroic Sethekk Halls)
FeetObsidian Clodstompers (BoP from High Botanist Freywinn in Normal and Heroic Botanica)


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3 Responses to “Doomplate Battlegear”

  1. Windwaker says:

    Only need the legs this set is awesome with the gnomeregan tabard, engineering goggles and a purple 2 handed weapon

  2. Pawlo says:

    I need a good shild for this transmog set

  3. Onyx says:

    I love this set! I play an orc fury warrior, and just decided to do this set. For my tabard, i use the Tabard of the ebon blade, and two scepter of the sha’tar. It looks so badass!

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