Lightforge Recolour


Lightforge Recolour
Paladin Dungeon Set 1 Lookalike

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 66
Source: BoP from Outland dungeons
Availability: Fairly easy to get, just time consuming

How to get the set:
This recolor fully consists of drops from normal Outland dungeons. The drop rates are around 15%. It’s a good alternative to the Lightforge set and the blue colors makes it very befitting of an alliance character.

Head – Hope Bearer Helm (BoP from the boss Shirrak the Dead Watcher – in normal Auchenai Crypts)
Shoulders – Truth Bearer Shoulderguards (BoP from the boss Swamplord Musel’ek – in normal Underbog)
Chest – Light-Touched Breastplate (BoP from the boss Watchkeeper Gargolmar – in normal Hellfire Ramparts)
Gloves – Faith Bearer’s Gauntlets (BoP from the boss Pandemonius – in normal Mana Tombs)
Waist – Studded Girdle of Virtue (BoP from the boss Ghaz’an – in normal Underbog)
Legs – Azureplate Greaves (BoP from the boss Quagmirran – in normal Slave Pens)
Feet – Uther’s Ceremonial Warboots (BoP from the boss Lieutenant Drake – in normal Old Hillsbrad Foothills)


2-Handed Sword – Arcanite Champion (Crafted by Blacksmiths of 300+ skill with Plans: Arcanite Champion)



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37 Responses to “Lightforge Recolour”

  1. Kahlan - Silvermoon EU says:

    This set is rather easy to farm for (at level 85). Took me one afternoon only.

    I’d like suggestions for a matching sword and shield.

    Ty in advance,

  2. Doub says:

    anyone know a good cloak for this set?

  3. Arissu - Alleria US says:

    For a sword for this set, try Lord General’s Sword, out of BRD.

    For shields, I’d suggest either the classic Draconian Deflector out of UBRS ( or the more elaborate but harder to obtain Royal Crest of Lordaeron out of heroic Culling of Strath ( if you’re really going for the alliance look.

  4. Sektor says:

    I found the best looking weapons for this set was the lvl 60 pvp weapons and shield. They match color wise and have the Stormwind lion on them and easy to get 290 JP each.
    2 handed mace:
    2 handed sword:
    1 handed mace:
    Alliance Shield:

    • Legato says:

      Much as I would like to agree with you (these items look great!), Blizzard does not presently allow these pvp items to be transmogged. I found out the hard way, after buying the items, trying to transmog, getting the error, and submitting a help ticket. Turns out there are pages of complaints and debate in the forums about this, but I only found that out afterwards. So, at least as of patch 4.3, don’t bother wasting your honor points on these unless you’re actually going to use the items themselves.

      • Saph says:

        Don’t mean to necro an old comment but the level 60 pvp items can be xmoged you just gotta have the rank from back when.

  5. Dejoker says:

    i reckon the sunward shield and honour hold tabard with a quel serrar would look cool with this set

  6. Mewmew says:

    I’ll be using:
    1h mace: Gavel of Unearthed Secrets (
    1h sword: Burnished Quel’serrar ( or Gleaming Quel’serrar ( – depends which drops first.
    Shield: Aegis of Stormwind (

    I’ll also replace the helm with Imperial Plate Helm ( and use Cloak of the Moon (

    All of the above are useable as both horde and alliance btw!

  7. Prince Oshen says:

    A very nice weapon for this set is Glaive of the Pit from Mag’s Lair. I found a very nice matching cloak in the AH, Just check around. And for Tabard I just got Knight’s Colors from the Tabard Vendor in Stormwind or any other Major.

  8. SacuL says:

    The link for Watchkeeper Gargolmar is wrong, the correct one is
    Thanks for this website!

  9. Dan says:

    For those using the addon “MogIt”, here’s the import string (copy and paste the URL in your MogIt)

    Lightforge Recolour

  10. Butch says:

    legs seem to be a problem to drop , been throu 21 times now and still no drop.

    any one else got any other suggestions for similar legs ?????

    would love u long time

    • Legato says:

      Hi – it took me several tries to get the legs too, but eventually I got them – they fit perfectly!

      In response to your question: Vanquisher’s Legplates apparently have an identical look:

      But seeing as those drop from the end boss of heroic Mechanar, you’re probably better off farming the Azureplate. At 85, you should be able to wind through the whole of Slave Pens to the end boss without fighting anything, making the farming go much faster. Good luck!

  11. Galileo says:

    need a shield and weap that match with this set, anyone got any good ones?

  12. Fritte says:

    For those who are looking for a shield to this set should take a peek at Royal Crest of Lordearon from Mal’ganis in CoT old stratholme

  13. Kannyon says:

    Need a 1H mace to match this set for my dwarf pally… any thoughts?

    • Isseit says:

      I’m going for Aledar’s Battlestar from Toc5 Hc.
      You’re going to need to get a group of buddies to help you though, the stupid jousting segment can’t be soloed.

  14. Legato says:

    Loving this transmog set for my holy pally!

    For those using a mace, I’ve found that Hand of Righteousness (, looks REALLY good with this set, and is easily farmable from SM Cathedral. The glow from level 85 enchants only adds to the effect.

    Currently farming Stormshield of Renewal ( from Heroic Underbog, for something a little more interesting to look at than the Aegis of Stormwind that I’m currently transmogged into.

    • Kannyon says:

      a regular old green, Modani War Shield is what i have, it fits perfectly and might be able to pick it up on the AH…

      • TJ says:

        Glyphed Buckler, same skin as Modani but lower level and may be cheaper on AH. Found Modani but it was way overpriced (as most mog items are now).

  15. Bartron says:

    I myself am using the Bold shoulders with this,, as well as the House Wrynn Claymore,, which you get early on from a quest in Westfall.
    Although, the divine warblade,, shares the same looks and model, and it’s a BOE drop. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for reading.

  16. Alerรฟa says:

    Would someone know legs fitting this set but looking like a skirt ?

    I love this set but my holy paladiness has to wear a robe :p

  17. shortstop says:

    one of the stormwind cloaks have a lion on it fit perfect

  18. Kyner says:

    I collected this one for my Prot Paladin and it looks awesome.

    Tabard of Stormwind looks great with the set, of course.

    The helm is really hideous IMO, so I’m going with the ‘no helm’ look. A guildmate is going for Helm of Empowered Fate (the floating halo), so that’s an alternate option as well.

    If you can still get it, there really is only one shield: King’s Bulwark.

    And finally, Cloak of the Moon fits the color scheme and there are several cloaks with the same pattern (check out the Shatt vendor inside the temple).

    One Hand Mace check out The Shatterer or Masterwork Stonehammer (both blacksmithing). Heaven’s Light is close also, with more white than the first two options.

    For One Hand Sword I liked the look of Noble’s Brand; simple with a green gem on it to match the armor’s green gems. An alternative I never got to try out was Phosphorescent Blade, which has a nice light effect even before enchanting it.

  19. JediMa says:

    I can’t find a good 2h Axe .. any good idea please?

  20. Aureola says:

    Human Death Knight – Lightforge Recolour

    Hammer of the Naaru (2H Mace) is a perfect fit! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Archas says:

    Finally got them.. 1:15 mins before server shutdown.. 1/27 tries

  22. Garien says:

    I have had this set since burning crusade. It looked too nice to rid of.

    I use for a 2H

    And for sword and board i use (mostly because of the name) and

    I’m currently in the market for a better 1H sword. And a nice 2H mace. (for 1H mace I use

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