Ironforge Mountaineer

Ironforge Mountaineer

Armor Type: Mix of cloth and leather, except for the pants which are plate
Level Req.: 68
Source: The crucial items are BoE or BoP world/boss drops
Availability: Some pieces very hard to obtain. If you want perfection, you need to wear plate, have a 350 engineering skill and a lot of time

How to get the set:
This set requires both a trip to the Auction House, completing a low level quest and crafting an engineering belt. The recipe for the belt can be purchased from Findle Whistlesteam in Dalaran. The bracers are hard to get, because of the source being a very rare elite inside Gnomerigan. Consider finding another pair as it could take some time to complete that little detail.

There is an alternative to the chest piece in case you’re more up for questing your way in Outland. The chest is called Lifewarden’s Breastplate, it’s still leather and rewarded from the group quest Destroy Naberius! which you can find in Netherstorm at the end of a six part quest chain.

The two-handed mace is not shown on the picture above, but there’s a picture of an Ironforge Mountaineer, as they look in game, wielding one depicted at the very bottom of the post.

If you’re not an engineer, and can’t wear plate (and not a perfectionist), I’ve made a set that is easier to get, which you can find further down the page.

HeadEldr’naan Hood (BoE Outland drop)
ChestFungus Shroud Armor (BoP boss drop in Maraudon from Meshlok the Harvester at 32%)
WristsEmissary Cuffs (BoP from the rare elite in Gnomerigan Dark Iron Ambassador at 37%)
HandsRiding Gloves (Quest reward from The Everstill Bridge in Redridge Mountains)
WaistNigh Invulnerability Belt (Crafted by gnomish engineers at 350 skill)
LegsField Plate Leggings (BoE world drop)
FeetGossamer Boots (BoE world drop)
Two-handed MaceRoyal Mallet (BoE world drop)
GunNesingwary Longrifle (BoE world drop)

Easier Ironforge Mountaineer Alternative

Armor Type: mix of cloth and leather
Level Req.: 41
Source: Most items are BoE or BoP world/boss drops
Availability: Easy to get

How to get the set:
This set is easier to get overall and available to more players. However it doesn’t match the real Mountaineers that well. Although as long as you have the chest, you’ve come a long way as the set wouldn’t look right without it and the green hood. Also notice that the level requirement went down a notch.

To the right, you can see an image of an Ironforge Mountaineer ingame.

HeadConjurer’s Hood (BoE world drop)
Chest – Same
WristsGuardian Leather Bracers (Crafted by most leatherworkers at 195 skill)
HandsGossamer Gloves (BoE world drop)
WaistThick Cloth Belt (purchased from a Cloth Armor Merchant in any capital city )
LegsConjurer’s Breeches (BoE world drop)
Feet – Same
Two-handed Mace – Same
Gun – Same



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13 Responses to “Ironforge Mountaineer”

  1. derliebesmuskel says:

    As of patch 4.0 all mountaineers sport a full-length green cape to match the cowl. The only one I seem to be able to find in game for players is Gaea’s Embrace.

    While being a crafted item it may be difficult to find a tailor with the required reputation, and additionally one of the materials was a drop from Zul’Gurub. It is yet unclear as to whether that material (Bloodvine) has been moved somewhere else in game.

    P.S. Another viable option is the Linen Cloak (also crafted by tailors and VERY cheap to craft). This is a perfect match in all but length.

  2. xNINERz says:

    same cape but easier to get Ivycloth Cloak

  3. Dave says:

    This is awesome! I will try collect this gear. 🙂

  4. Hibbe says:

    If you have not yet completed the dwarf starter quests and want a low lvl version of the nesingwary rifle you could pickup
    Anvilmar Musket
    Probably more likely for a dwarf to have that aswell, I doubt many mountaineers visit the outlands.

  5. Kharas says:

    Is there any way that I as hunter could raid trasmogrificated as a mountaineer?

    I know I can trasmo a bow in a gun but a mail helm in a cloth cowl is possible?

    • Noelani says:

      There are no mail headpieces which look anything like the cloth hood shown here, sadly. I can think of one true green mail cowl off the top of my head, Furious Gladiator’s Chain Helm, but it wouldn’t look quite right on a mountaineer in terms of style.

      With regards to replicating the other pieces in mail, that would also involve a lot of compromise. There are slightly similar items that could be used to replace the other pieces, but I fear that without the cowl or items identical to those shown in this article, the outfit might end up looking more of a mess than a mountaineer!

  6. Zumerock says:

    guys only problem is , classes who can equip all the armour Items can’t equip guns, what is the solution to this?

    • Noelani says:

      Warriors can still equip guns in place of their main weapon. Paladins can stick to the 2H mace, as can Death Knights, albeit the latter would look a little strange as Ironforge Mountaineers.

      In a roleplay sense, the Mists of Pandaria changes don’t affect this outfit.

  7. Kharas says:

    The Rifle can beeasly replaced by the Ornate Blunderbuss that one can easly buy from

  8. Zumerock says:

    Can you guys please make a mage version of this , 😀

  9. AppleNitrox says:

    Is there an alternative to legs with mail? Would love to use this on my hunter

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