The Gamemaster


The Gamemaster

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 1
Source: Unknown
Availability: As far as Roleplay Gear goes, this is as rare as it gets

How to get the set:
Apply to Blizzard as a Gamemaster and keep your fingers crossed.

Head – Gamemaster Hood
Chest – Gamemaster’s Robe
Feet – Gamemaster’s Slippers

Chances are that if you see someone wearing this ingame, you’re dealing with the powers that be!

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7 Responses to “The Gamemaster”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got this set. HOW!? H44XXX! XD jk jk

  2. snuzzle says:

    There are close alternatives if you’re Alliance and if you got very lucky pre-Shattering. The blue is SLIGHTLY lighter, and the pattern slightly different, but other than that…

    The Fur Covered Robe, which is rewarded from the Azuremyst Isle quest “Gurf’s Dignity”.

    The Augural Shroud, which appears to no longer drop though does not say “removed from game” is the matching hood. I’ve been looking to buy this for ages but it seems no one has it anymore (or at least, one that’s not soulbound).

    If your character is female, pair it up with a Brown Linen Shirt as the robe is shoulderless on females.

  3. Yura says:

    Tailoring actually can make a hood similar to this..

    azure silk hood if i can remember…

    the robe similar pattern to lvl 1 robe but is green and blue rather than black and blue

  4. Remilia says:

    Looks pretty plain for something so exclusive…

  5. Marc says:

    Very nice. Lucky who is wearing one 🙂
    But true – Alliance can come pretty close to that outfit. Maybe they are all Gamemasters

  6. MrTV says:

    A quick note: Be warned that you -must- live in California. Blizzard will not even think of hiring you otherwise. Please remember this if you plan on getting this exact look.


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