Silver-Thread Robe


Black Velvet Robes/Silver-Thread Robe

Armor Type: Cloth – Rare/ Uncommon
Level Req.: 21/26 (68 for extras, 85 for alternatives)
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Very low drop chance, Auction House is the best bet

How to get the set:

The Black Velvet Robes and Silver-Thread Robe share a model and colouration but with a single variation between them. The Black Velvet has full length sleeves, whereas the Silver-Thread cuts off at the shoulders.

Both robes are a BoE world drops from creatures in the approximate level range of 26-33. As they’re rather rare, your best bet for finding them is to search the Auction House regularly.

We’ve included two potential sets of extras below, one shown on each of the two robe pictures. The top picture shows the Black Velvet Robes, the right depicts the Silver-Thread. The majority of these items are either BoE world drops or are crafted by tailors.

Note that the Clutch of Andros belt depicted in the first image is no longer available.


HeadNightsky Cowl (BoE world drop)
ShouldersBlack Mageweave Shoulders (BoE crafted by Tailors of 230+ skill)
HandsBlack Mageweave Gloves (BoE crafted by Tailors of 215+ skill)
WaistClutch of Andros (No longer available)
FeetSorcerer Slippers (BoE world drop)

StaffTapered Staff (BoE world drop from Outland zones/instances)

Alternatives (Human picture):

ShouldersBatwing Mantle (BoP drop from Blind Hunter, a rare spawn in Razorfen Kraul)
BackIronscale War Cloak (BoP drop from Rokmar the Crackler in heroic Slave Pens)
WristsNetherweave Bracers (BoE crafted by Tailors of 310+ skill)
WaistCataclysmic Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy (BoP vendor purchase at the cost of 1650 Honor Points)
FeetBuccaneer’s Boots (BoE world drop)

One-Handed DaggerBloodstrike Dagger (BoE world drop)
Off-HandGreenweave Branch (BoE world drop)


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4 Responses to “Silver-Thread Robe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For note, if you combine this with the Stylish Black Shirt, you get the uniform that most members of the Royal Apothecary Society wear in-game.

  2. Vaugn says:

    The Black Velvet Robe is also the same as the Silver-thread Robe + the Sylish Black Shirt.

  3. apinksquash says:

    For anyone looking at this page that is interested in a Black Wizardly look, you can try something like the following:

    (Is a link to Wowhead’s 3D model viewer)

  4. Flameheart says:

    The Darkcloth Shoulders also work in this set.

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