Scarlet Disciple


Scarlet Disciple

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 43
Source: BoP drop, Quest Reward, Tailoring, Vendors
Availability: Requires some leg-work, but isn’t that hard to collect

How to get the set:
The pieces of this set are a real mix, from many different sources. Three are Tailored, one vendor purchased and one BoP drop from Scarlet Monastery. Note that the chestpiece, a quest reward, is Alliance only. But fear not, Hordies, wearing the tabard on top, you can get the same effect as the chestpiece with a red shirt.

Head – Red Mageweave Headband (BoE item created by Tailors of 240 skill or greater)
Chest – Crimson Tunic (BoP quest reward from Take Down Tethyr! an Alliance only quest in Dustwallow Marsh, but any red shirt will be a good alternative)
Tabard – Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade (2% drop chance BoP from Scarlet Trainees in Scarlet Monastery Armory, after you’ve killed Herod)
Legs – Crimson Silk Pantaloons (BoE item created by Tailors of 195 skill or greater)
Feet – Red Woolen Boots (BoE item created by Tailors of 95 skill or greater)
Weapon – Battle Staff (Available from various vendors across Azeroth)

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