I’d call that a successful launch of Roleplaygear.wordpress.com

1365 views! That was way more than I expected, so I’m very thrilled and of course it’s a huge motivational factor that it’s been this well recieved.

Someone at school looked over my shoulder as I was following the growing number, then looked at me with wide eyes while slowly saying “You’re an A-blogger!!”. This is probably where I should add that my personal blog, http://ironyca.wordpress.com/, definately does not generate clicks in the regions of 4 digits. But I’ll leave that out for the sake of looking cool…*cough*

Of course due to the nature of the site, it does generate a lot of clicks just to view the articles. So this is in no way 1365 unique visitors. It’s waaay less, and I can only guess about the actual number.

It’s been really interesting to see what articles people were interested in, what articles were the most popular (by clicks that is)?

In the very beginning, it was the category “Robes and Dresses”, which was good news since it is the category with the most articles.

After launch it turned around, and on the first day, the clicks looked like this:

“Occupations” and “Character” get the most attention, which makes good sense to me. Those two categories are usually the most creative, as you can put different pieces together to create something unique and fun.

Also the guard sets are up there, and with the highest being the “Silvermoon Guard“, I almost feel bad, because Silvermoon City Guardians, as they are named in the game, are impossible to copy, as their gear is not available to players.

What it does tell me though, is that I need to put together a set that looks more like the Silvermoon City Guardians, since this is something people search for.

The one currently available at Roleplaygear is only an alternative to a guard-like outfit, not a direct attempt at imitating the real Guardians.

The most popular regular articles are the Black Mageweave and Cindercloth sets, which are the same just two different colors:

The Black Mageweave set is already a well known outfit in WoW, but it’s gonna be fun in the future to see how the statistics turn out.

The forum post I put up didn’t get that many replies as I was hoping, at this time only around 5, so I’ll have to be obnoxious and bump it myself at some point.

It’s helpful to get feedback though, especially suggestions to what others would want in a roleplay gear catalogue like this one, so thanks to everyone who has commented in the guestbook or on the various posts, your input and feedback is valuable!

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