Brewfest Regalia


Brewfest Regalia

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 1
Source: Seasonal Vendor Purchases
Availability: Very easy to get during the Brewfest event

How to get the set:

All of the Brewfest clothing items are available for purchase during the Brewfest event, from any of four vendors: The Token Redeemers, Larkin Thunderbrew and Ray’ma, using Brewfest Prize Tokens. Note that the steins are obtained via a different means, click the Brewfest Steins link above for more details.

Each item has a different value in Prize Tokens, as follows: Hats – 50 each, Chestpieces – 200, Boots/Slippers – 100.

It is possible to buy all four colours of hat and both pairs of footwear on a single character.

Head – Brewfest Hat
Chest – Brewfest Regalia
Feet – Brewfest Boots (as displayed in the picture), or Brewfest Slippers
Tankard – Brewfest Stein

An alternative chestpiece, the Brewfest Dress, is also available.

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