Brewfest Hats

Brewfest Hats

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 1
Source: Seasonal Vendors
Availability: Easily obtained during the Brewfest, impossible at other times of the year

The Brewfest Hats are available in four colours:

Blue Brewfest Hat
Brown Brewfest Hat
Green Brewfest Hat
Purple Brewfest Hat

The four Brewfest Hats are purchasable from either of the Brewfest Token Redeemers, Larkin Thunderbrew or Ray’ma, at a cost of 50 Brewfest Prize Tokens each.

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  1. Ragebreak says:

    Dis Hat Dawg is so pimp and flai like so flai i wannt this mother fluck’n hat dawg be pimping them hoes in my world of warcraft server bruuuuuh!!

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