Brewfest Dress


Brewfest Dress

Armor Type: Cloth – Common
Level Req.: 1
Source: Seasonal Vendor Purchases
Availability: Very easy to get during the Brewfest event

How to get the set:

All of the Brewfest clothing items are available for purchase during the Brewfest event, from any of four vendors: The Token Redeemers, Larkin Thunderbrew and Ray’ma, using Brewfest Prize Tokens.

The Brewfest Chestpieces cost 200 Prize Tokens, the Footwear 100 each.

It is possible to buy all of the Brewfest clothing items on a single character.

Chest – Brewfest Dress
Feet – Brewfest Slippers (as displayed in the picture), or Brewfest Boots

An alternative chestpiece, the Brewfest Regalia, is also available.

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