The Deathbone Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 67
Source: Quest rewards/Boss drops
Availability: Time consuming to gather

How to get the set:

This outfit was originally named for the two pieces of the Deathbone Set, the legs and chest, which dropped from 6 bosses in the final section of Scholomance; Theolen Krastinov, Instructor Malicia, The Ravenian, Lorekeeper Polkelt, Lord Alexi Barov and Lady Illucia Barov. These items are no longer obtainable, following the Patch 5.0.4 update to Scholomance.

However, both the chest and legs have lookalikes in the form of Outland quest rewards, so their likeness can still be obtained. Unfortunately though, the original belt model was removed at the beginning of the Cataclysm, and there is no identical alternative.

It’s worth noting that there are three more Deathbone set pieces, now also unobtainable, which do not match the style of the chest and leg items and have as such not been included here, they can be viewed in our Black Deathbone article.

ShouldersWarchief’s Mantle (Reward from the quest Escape from Durnholde in Old Hillsbrad Foothills)
ChestBreastplate of Retribution (Reward from the quests The Breaker for Alliance and Mind the Gap for Horde, in The Blood Furnace)
GlovesDeath Grips (BoP from Magistrate Barthilas in Stratholme)
LegsLegguards of the Resolute Defender (Reward from the quest Destroy Naberius! in Netherstorm)
FeetBoots of the Unwavering Will (BoP from The Prophet Skeram in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj)

Matching Parts Now Unobtainable:

ChestDeathbone Chestplate (From the penultimate bosses in Scholomance)
LegsDeathbone Legguards (From the penultimate bosses in Scholomance)
WaistUnmelting Ice Girdle (From Azuregos before Cataclysm)
FeetCorpselight Greaves (From Rattlegore in Scholomance)


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41 Responses to “Deathbone”

  1. Fabian Schuyler says:

    For those who want gloves/boots/shoulders and have the time and level to farm them, the following are viable:
    Stratholme, Magistrate (Gloves) :
    CoT Old Hillsbrad quest (Mantle) :
    Scholomance, Rattlegore (Boots) :

    I believe there is a matching belt too, but I can not find it personally.

    Also, the Common Grey Shirt goes well with this set, if you don’t like how the chestplate leaves bare skin.

  2. Fabian Schuyler says:

    Correcting my previous post.

    Scholomance, Rattlegore (Boots):

  3. Jamie Leijs says:

    There was a matching belt once. But it’s from Azuregos. Which has been gone for some time. 🙁

    Also, Ebonhold Helmet can be noted as a pretty nice fit for the set.

    Unmelting Ice Girdle is the fitting belt, now unobtainable afaik. Sadly.

  4. Banshee says:

    There is an (I believe) identical chest piece, “Skul’s Cold Embrace”, off Skul, a rare boss in Stratholme.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey there! Great work, but Scholo and Strat don’t have heroic modes!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice set. As for the helmet a good suggestion would be As for leggings , these are the same looking model
    Now a tip. I tried to collect this full set on my blood elf dk. After hard farming in Scholomance and the completion of collecting full the items, I realized that the visual result of my character was not the 1 that I was waiting for.
    In view of the above, I already abandoned my thought for this stylish project, because it needs really hard farming , though the result was not the predictable 1.
    P.S.1 If you have complete the Q that drives to Shoulders reward and you have not the item into your bank, it would be really difficult to fit shoulders with the same colorization.
    P.S.2My concept will be with 2 x

    Have fun and good luck


    Nice alternative for shoulders, for those who aren’t fans of bo huge shoulders 😛

  8. Djahan says:

    You must be level 66 to pick up the quest for the shoulders, so i believe the required level to wear this outfit should be thusly adjusted. Unless i am missing something.

  9. Nejc says:


    Im trying to farm this set for my frost DK, i already got chest and gloves, but i have huge problems with the shoulders quest. im lv 85 ofcoarse and i enter instance alone, did the prequest, took quest from thrall, but when i should click him to start his escort, he doesnt do anything. as if it was bugged, i asked a gm about it and he said nothing should be wrong.

    can someone please give me an advice? without the shoulders, gettin this set is pointless :/



    • Noelani says:

      Hey there, I can see that the quest for the shoulders was changed in patch 4.3, so I’ve updated the article accordingly. I’ve not seen any mention of the new quest being bugged though. I’ll test it out myself later today and report back.

  10. seth says:

    i ve found all like description the quest in old hillsbrad isn t bugged worked perfectly with 85 too.
    It s a very nice set just looking for helm

  11. Quilantius says:

    Hey I collected this set for my blood DK and I can’t seem to find any good 2H Weapons that go well with this set, any suggestions? Currently I need a good 2H mace replacement. Any advice offered is appreciated 🙂

  12. Jamie Leijs says:

    Hello there again,

    Another good alternative for the shoulders is: [Azurestrike Shoulders].

    For those that don’t like the oversizedness. Somewhat the same color scheme on it.

  13. needlenoggin says:

    i found a good belt to match this set. a final reward for finishing the now pointless arcatraz key:

    sha’tari vindicator’s waistguard

  14. Lard says:

    I farmed this set for my Paladin set. My current transmorg’ed 1H Sword & Shield are:

    Dark Iron Reaver (
    Wrathful Gladiator’s Barrier (

    I think both of these items continue with the ‘dark’ theme quite nicely.

  15. LyinRyan says:

    Thinking about farming this set for my fury warrior. Any suggestions on 2h swords/maces/axes that would look good with this set?


  16. Rhuan says:

    Since the actual matching belt seems to no longer be in the game a unobtrusive belt that could work is the Royal Qiraji Belt from Emperor Veklor. Similar color with a tiny shape allows the not quite right color to still work well.

    Or the other belt works as well

  17. darthene says:

    has anyone found a decent helm for this set? please do tell if you have

  18. Brodhi says:

    For my dk wearing this set I picked the Girdle of the howling Berserker and the Chitin Shell Greathelm

  19. Alk says:

    If you’re a DK the two starter gear belts work well with this : Acherus Knight’s Girdle and The Plaguebringer’s Girdle

  20. Mabb says:

    I used
    as belt in set it seems to go well wiht it.

  21. Tutina says:

    Helm that seems to work well as i have this set on one of my pala’s. the BS BoE titansteel helm.

    Also if you are having difficulty getting the drop of the chest. there is a Replica! same looks in every way just its a quest reward you can do in the Helfire Pen zone/ Its either blood furnace of Hellfire Ramps. Quest is inside on heroic. Hope this helps

  22. Tigera says:

    For an undershirt that works perfect try out fits perfect for human at least =]

  23. Meleagant says:

    Ahh it feels good to be one of the few people with the actual matching belt for this set! <_<

  24. Olegas says:

    I found another helm that goes with the set: Hope this helps.

  25. KG says:

    Be aware that with the release of Mists of Pandaria there will be major changes to Scholomance, including elimination of the minibosses who drop some of the pieces of this set.

  26. Elwrith says:

    Also would like to point out to those trying for this set that the Wraithplate Leggings from Jandice Barov have the same model as well as I just got them after skipping her for many runs for the Deathbone that are possibly dropped by the six schoolmasters at the bottom of the dungeon.

  27. Aloriana says:

    So Scholomance has now changed with the coming of MoP…. Has any one seen boots like Corpselight Greaves/Boots of the Unwavering Will anywhere else?

  28. Drech says:

    Anyone have any ideas for an alternate shoulder piece for this set? I’m gutted cause I already did the quest a ways back (80 dk now) and forgot that I did upon entering the instance earlier and realizing that I would not be able to get the shoulders 🙁 Wish I’d saved them at the time but I was in heirloom gear, probably didn’t even look at them, or took them and sold them. bleh. Really sad cause they’re an awesome looking shoulder piece that could go with many different sets and looks.

  29. AFX says:

    Anyone know of a waist that will look good to this set? sins it is not possible to get one now? And also a helmet, shield and 1h weapon. Ideas?

  30. Elliot says:

    If you a death knight you can buy and it hides your belt

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