The Pimp


The Pimp

Armor Type: Cloth (except for the gloves, which are leather)
Level Req.: 69
Source: A mix, but key items are from doing the fishing daily
Availability: Very easy to get, may cost a little depending AH prices

How to get the set:
Checking the AH is the best source for all these items.

If you are a fisherman, doing the fishing dailies could get you some of them for free.

Consider asking a tailor to make the cloak for you, but choose one that raided in Burning Crusade, as the cloak pattern is a dungeon and raid instance drop from Outland.

Pieces from the Astralaan set fit the pimp style as well, as seen to the right.

Head – Battered Jungle Hat (chance to get by doing the daily fishing quest from Dalaran)
Chest – Pink Mageweave Shirt (crafted by most tailors)
Gloves – Ghoul Fingers (BoE from the rare elite Leprithus – level 19)
Waist – Runed Stygian Belt (purchased from a cloth armor merchant vendor)
Legs – Tuxedo Pants (crafted by some tailors)
Feet – Recruit’s Boots (starting gear for warriors)
Back – Cloak of the Black Void (crafted by some tailors)
Mainhand – Diamond-tipped Cane (chance to get by doing the daily fishing quest from Dalaran)

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7 Responses to “The Pimp”

  1. carl says:

    a better pimp is the purple dinner suit and Stylin’ Purple Hat

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice. I would have never thought of the pink shirt.

  3. Eldritch says:

    I’ve read that Ghoul Fingers are no longer in the game since Leprithus has been toned down to lvl 12 and won’t drop lvl 15 gloves anymore – is there any alternative for those?

  4. jiggerot says:

    with the purple dinner suit, this would go great on a warlock with the succubus out ^_^

  5. Vicki says:

    I love how the level requirement for this is 69 😛

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