The Biker


The Biker

Armor Type: Cloth (except for the gloves, which are leather)
Level Req.: 58
Source: Mostly BoE world drops and two crafted
Availability: Some pieces harder to obtain than others, most can be found on the AH

How to get the set:
This set requires both a trip to the Auction House and asking an experienced tailor to make you the belt and pants. The Silver-thread armor can potentially be rather pricy as it is popular and in demand by many. Being able to weild a mace is necessary, but this set can be varied and customized with other items to get a biker look, f. ex. Mechano-hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper

Chest – Silver-thread Armor (BoE world drop)
Gloves – Ghoul Fingers (BoE from the rare elite Leprithus – level 19)
Waist – Runed Stygian Belt Crafted by tailors)
Legs – Tuxedo Pants Crafted by tailors)
Feet – Recruit’s Boots (starting gear for warriors)
Mainhand – Skullcrusher Mace (BoE world drop)
Off-hand – Skullcrusher Mace (BoE world drop)

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5 Responses to “The Biker”

  1. Vaugn says:

    The chest (silver-threaded armor) should be labeled as a green uncommon item, not a white common one.

  2. Ug says:

    Cadaverous Armour (Green or blue leather) might also work instead of the cloth if a rogue would like to transmog into this.

  3. Gorar says:

    The Tuxedo Pants and Recruit’s Boots cannot be transmogged

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