Pastry Chef


Pastry Chef

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 70
Source: A mix of crafted items, drops and vendor items
Availability: The chef’s hat is the hardest, the rest are exceptionally easy to get

How to get the set:
This set is very easy to get, and shouldn’t cost you much. Checking the AH for anything BoE is worthwhile, while remembering that most tailors will be able to help you if the AH is empty.

If you are not above level 70 or an experienced cook, you can still get the rest of the set, which would be equipable for a level 16.

Head – Chef’s Hat (purchased for 100 x Dalaran Cooking Award, that you get for completing cooking dailies)
Shirt – Common White Shirt (most tailors can craft this)
Legs – Simple Kilt (crafted by most tailors)
Feet – Simple Linen Boots (crafted by most tailors)
Mainhand – Cookie’s Tenderizer (BoP drop from Cookie (55% drop chance) in Normal mode Deadmines (Note that the heroic version of Cookie’s Tenderizer does not share the same rolling pin model, and is certainly not something I’d recommend rolling dough with!))


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7 Responses to “Pastry Chef”

  1. Judikael says:

    With the addition of Heroic Deadmines, make sure you are running non-heroic for Cookie’s Tenderizer as the heroic version no longer looks like a rolling pin.

  2. Noelani says:

    Thanks for the reminder on this one, Judi. I’ve updated the text accordingly!

  3. Sentacursa says:

    would be nice to at a frying pan
    Unidentified Cooking Utensil > if the tenderiser does not do enough dmg u an smack with that 😀

  4. Curumo says:

    Try ‘unidentified cooking utensil’ for frying pan off hand

  5. Iris says:

    A screen shot of my shaman:

  6. Brenten says:

    Journeyman’s robe could be used instead of the kilt and shirt because the kilt and shirt together look the same as the journeyman’s robe

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