The Revenant Set


The Revenant Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 49 for the Revenant items, 70 with extras
Source: BoE drops and two instance BoPs
Availability: Time consuming to gather

About the set:

Items of the Revenant set drop from random creatures between level 46 and 56, most particularly rares and rare elites. They drop anywhere in zones within this level range, and can also be found in instances such as Blackrock Depths and Sunken Temple. However, as with all BoE uncommon drop sets, the Auction House is the place to go.

ChestRevenant Chestplate
WristsRevenant Bracers
GlovesRevenant Gauntlets
WaistRevenant Girdle
LegsRevenant Leggings
FeetRevenant Boots


ShouldersJustice Bearer’s Pauldrons (BoP from Omor the Unscarred in Heroic Ramparts)
Two-Handed SwordDespair (BoP drop from Julianne after completing the Romulo & Julianne Opera Event in Karazhan)



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37 Responses to “The Revenant Set”

  1. Matches for the chest, legs, belt, and gloves are available as Outland quest rewards. The chest and legs are rewarded from the quests dealing with the Murkblood tribe of Broken in Nagrand. The gloves were from a quest in Hellfire Peninsula and the belt from a quest in Nagrand. The Horde-side names of the items are “Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate”, “Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates”, “Sunstrider’s Gauntlets” and “Bog Walker’s Belt”.

  2. Morbidity says:

    “Templar” set = same but different color.

  3. Castle says:

    It’s not a perfect fit per-se but i found that the Doomplate Shoulderguards seemed a better fit than the Judgement recoloured shoulders.

  4. Chris says:

    nice site. must be booming with transmogrification coming. have the revenant set myself and was glad to see your alternative to the blue shoulders that come with revenant. while i was farming omor for the shoulders (took about 10 tries) i picked up the Heart Fire Warhammer. It matches the set nicely. It is a 2 handed mace and of course transmog will only work on similar weapons. so it is an alternative to those without a 2H sword as pictured. It is kind of simple and smallish but i think that it looks better especially on female toons.

  5. Amethyst Shadow says:

    The crafted Blacksmith crafted Shadesteel Boots, legs and Belt are the exact same model and color making those pieces much easier to obtain.

    Another good 2-h weapon option is the Greatsword of Forlorn Visions from Warp Splinter in Botanica

    And the Helm of Domination is a close match, but for the Warlord’s Plate Headpiece (Horde only) is virtually a perfect match

  6. Jenna says:

    I love this set, but I need a 2H Axe instead of Sword. Anyone know of any that match?

  7. Val says:

    I’ve used this as inspiration for my tanking set! I’m using the:

    Temporal Pauldrons – Murozond, End Time
    Revenant Chestplate – AH
    Revenant Gauntlets – AH
    Shadesteel Girdle – Blacksmith Recipe
    Shadesteel Greaves – Blacksmith Recipe
    Shadesteel Sabots – Blacksmith Recipe
    Mandible of Beth’tilac – Beth’tilac, Firelands (with the Windwalker chant it works)
    Protective Barricade of the Light – JP vendor in Dalaran

    I think for a 1H sword option the Scimitar of the Nexus-Stalkers (Tavarok, Mana-Tombs) is awesome. I’ll probably end up farming it for the set!


  8. Cory says:

    I’m looking for a 1 handed mace that I can use for this set. I was going to go with the Elementium Hammer but when I went to transmog it it wouldnt let me since is a “one-hand” and the other is a “main-hand”. grrrrrr

  9. Secret says:

    I have this set for my warrior though I think the chest looks bad. Anyone know of anything the same color scheme that matches this set?

  10. Amissy says:

    Great axe for the set is Legacy from Karazhan Opera event.

  11. Razgryz says:

    in 4 hours i killed 33 rare mobs and i got the chest, legs and wrist 🙂

  12. July says:

    I wanna know if theres a peice that can remplace the hand one for the alliance because i farm all the rare in the most popular place that drop the hand peice but i dont have it 🙁
    Just let me know

  13. Demetrion says:

    Suggestion for those of you dk’s out there that are dual wielding swords, phantom blades i/e go very well with this set. My wife put this set together and it worked very well.

  14. Mojo says: <- These shoulders look so fantastic with this set.

  15. smurfie says:

    what about a 2 h mace ?)

    • Adaryn says:

      If you take a look at the wowhead page for the judgement re-colour set, there’s a pot there listing weapons that go (including 2h maces). The colours are really similar to this set which is using the shoulders anyway. There’s a few nice 2H maces, I’m farming mats for the Hammer of Righteous Might after getting lucky and dropping the recipe:) (the link for the justice recolour page, the post I’m talking about is at the top).

  16. Engelsstaub says:

    I suggest you look at wowhead for “same model” items. In Outland there are quest rewards (mostly Nagrand quests) that look the same as gloves, chest, legs and boots, so if you have not done those quests, you can save loads of gold 😉

    • Lalita says:

      Thank you, so much. I really want to use this set for transmog. I’ve been looking for the leggings for so long now. I forgot about checking wowhead for same model. Again, Thanks. (:

  17. Melody says:

    Anyone know of a helm that goes good with this set?


  18. Oblivienne says:

    For my DK’s transmog, I used:
    Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate
    Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates
    Ruthless Gladiator’s Dreadplate Shoulders (S-10 PvP)
    Revenant Gauntlets
    Revenant Girdle
    Revenant Boots
    Cloak of the Royal Protector (not transmog’d)
    Torch of the Damned

    Thanks for the links and ideas!

  19. Ocyla says:

    Regal Cloak is a nice dark purple match to this, with gold edging.

  20. sensation says:

    is there any subsitutes for hands or shoulders? never drops

  21. Tina/Icery says:

    My gorgeous little death knight looks amazing in this set, with netherbane weapons and an eyepatch/goggle.

    Took ages to get the legs and chest plate, so I made the legs from Black Temple recipe, and the chest I got from a quest in Outland 😀

  22. Névín says:

    I like this set very much ^-^ This is my Paladin 😀

  23. Vern says:


    Hammer of Naaru off of High King Maulgar

    …looks quite amazing with this set.

  24. Purdyleet says:

    boots that go with the set, models different, color is same, for those looking for “smaller” boots

  25. KidNiff says:

    Does anyone have any good 2h sword/axe or a 1h mace that goes well with this set?

  26. Xcpect says:

    hello , in Blackrock depths is it dropat Mobs or at bosses or even both ??

  27. Thomas says:

    If you dont like the “look” that the chest gives your male char, just buy and it wont have that “sissy” look.
    Great website btw 🙂

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