Blackforge/Scalemail Sets


Blackforge/Scalemail Sets

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 42/17
Source: BoE world drops
Availability: Blackforge is time consuming to obtain, Scalemail is simple to get

How to get the set:

The Blackforge and Scalemail sets are almost visually identical, the only differences being that the scalemail chestpiece appears as a vest, whereas the blackforge covers the arms. Additionally there is no headpiece or shoulders for the scalemail set. Scalemail is common quality, so only the Blackforge items are able to be transmogrified.

Blackforge items are from creatures roughly between levels 41 and 48, as random world drops. We advise you regularly check the Auction House to find set pieces, as this is the most reasonable way to find them. Scalemail, on the other hand, is purchasable from a number of mail armor merchants throughout Azeroth.

HeadBlackforge Cowl
ShouldersBlackforge Pauldrons
ChestBlackforge Breastplate
WristBlackforge Bracers
GlovesBlackforge Gauntlets
WaistBlackforge Girdle
LegsBlackforge Leggings
FeetBlackforge Greaves

ChestScalemail Vest
WristScalemail Bracers
GlovesScalemail Gloves
WaistScalemail Belt
LegsScalemail Pants
FeetScalemail Boots

Note: Two extra Blackforge items, a cloak and a shield, were omitted from this article as we deemed the set more attractive without them. If you wish to view “those deemed unworthy”, check here.



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  1. Gwynnevere says:

    A set look a like can be bought in Stormwind, Scalemail, from any mail merchant for silvers. Does not include shoulders or head.

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