The Jade Set


The Jade Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 48 for Jade items, 60 with weapon included
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

Items of the Jade set drop from random creatures in Azeroth between level 39 and level 54. As with all BoE uncommon drop sets, the Auction House is the place to go.

Despite the skimpy look this set has on a female character, it suits male characters just as well. You can see how the model appears on a male in the Recolours section below

ChestJade Breastplate
WristsJade Bracers
GlovesJade Gauntlets
WaistJade Belt
LegsJade Legplates
FeetJade Greaves


ShouldersGlorious Shoulder Pads
Two-Handed MaceSeeping Willow (BoP drop from The Beast in Upper Blackrock Spire)


Note: There are a couple of extra items in the Jade set that were left out in the interest of creating the best overall look. You can find them here.


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11 Responses to “The Jade Set”

  1. Callmejerk says:

    Some good Shoulders to go with this are ‘Skybreaker’s Pauldrons’, for a quest in Shadowmoon Valley.

  2. Val says:

    This is the same chest model as the mail Sandstalker Breastplate, . I have been looking unsuccessfully for a mail version of the pants. Do you know of any?

  3. Ermber says:

    Is there a possible 1 hand mace that matches this set?

    Trying to get these for my DK. Does anyone recommend an area to farm for these things?

  4. mellowyellow says:

    Any shield suggestions?

  5. Kaiserin says:

    Bracers: (Netherstorm quest, same model/coloration.)

  6. Achnae says:

    “Ethereum Phase Blade” is a great one hander for all you tanks out there farming this set.

  7. Yautja says:

    I would say that Fanblade Pauldrons would match perfectly with this set

  8. Timmain says:

    Jade Set Suggestions
    ***Alternate Head – Protectorate Headplate (same skin as Jade Circlet), Quest reward, Delivering The Message, Image of Commander Ameer, west of Manaforge Ultris, Netherstorm.
    ***Alternate Shoulder 1 – Skybreaker’s Pauldrons, Quest reward, Enraged Spirits of Air, Earthmender Torlok, south of The Deathforge, Shadowmoon Valley.
    ***Alternate Shoulder 2 – Bog Pauldrons, Drop, Bog Lurker (rare), Zangarmarsh.
    Hibernal Cloak, Venomshroud Cape, Arachnidian Cape
    Ivycloth Cloak, Gaias Embrace
    Nomads Woven Cloak, Cloak of Kea Feathers
    Mantle of Patience
    ***Alternate Wrist – Demolisher’s Bracers (same skin as Jade Bracers), Quest reward, The Flesh Lies, Agent Araxes, southwest of Manaforge Ultris, Netherstorm.
    Jade Deflector, Worn Turtle Shell
    Secretion Coated Carapace
    Emerald Shield
    Khan’s Buckler, Hyperion Shield
    The Green Tower
    Don Gonzales Shiney Shield
    Wormscale Blocker
    Tor’s Crest
    Blssed Qiraji Bulwark
    Vigilant Ward
    (more higher level shields too)
    1H Sword
    Blade of the Wreched
    Dragons Call
    MH Sword
    Etherium Phase Blade
    2H Sword
    Sword of Nefarions Hand
    Zinkroh Destroyer of Worlds – Archaeology
    1H Axe
    Resonating Axe
    2H Axe
    Torn Heart Axe of Battle
    Lucky Strike Axe
    Slavemaster Axe
    Gatorbite Axe
    1H Mace
    Stinging Viper
    Heavy Geode Mace
    Mallet of the Tides
    2H Mace
    Cobalt Crusher
    Seeping Willow
    1H Dagger
    Fullered Coldsteel Dagger
    Emerald Ripper
    ***Fist Weapons:
    1H Fist
    Razorwind Knuckles
    MH Fist
    Crystalline Geoknife
    Armblade of Auglemir
    OH Fist
    Draconid Armblade
    Patient Harpoon
    Saliva Corroded Pike
    Spear of Trailing Shadows
    Dreamers Dragonstaff
    Vengeance Staff
    Serpentcrest Lifestaff
    Terestians Stranglestaff
    Magus Longstaff
    Terroks Shadowstaff
    Dorians Prybar
    Wyrmstalker Bow
    Valanos Longbow
    Drake Mounted Crossbow
    Fel Iron Musket
    Legion Blunderbuss

  9. ben says:

    im looking for a nice plate head item to match the jade breastplate, i am using “oathkeepr “now,
    but the colors are slightly different but i like the model.
    also im looking for a mail version of this, i already got the sandstalker set but are the any other colorisch mail items?

  10. laeriel says:

    A good cloak for this set as of 5.0.5 is Auntie`s Cooking Apron (

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