The Hyperion Set


The Hyperion Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 60 for the Hyperion items, 85 with with extras
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Browsing the Auction House regularly is the best option

About the set:

Hyperion items drop from random creatures between level 58 and 63, but mostly elites inside lvl 60 instances.

In addition to the Hyperion pieces, there are a few complimentary extras below, although take note that the mantle is particularly challenging to obtain, but hey, it’d certainly make you stand out!

ChestHyperion Armor
WristsHyperion Vambraces
GlovesHyperion Gauntlets
WaistHyperion Girdle
LegsHyperion Legguards
FeetHyperion Greaves


ShouldersPauldrons of Roaring Flame (BoP drop from Ragnaros in Firelands)
BackCloak of the Gushing Wound (BoP drop from Erekem in heroic Violet Hold)
Two-Handed SwordBlade of the Titans (BoE world drop)

If you happen to be a Blacksmith, you might also wish to pair the following weapon with the Hyperion set, which can be seen to the right:

One-Handed SwordFireguard (BoP crafted by Blacksmiths of 360+ skill)



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29 Responses to “The Hyperion Set”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could you put an optional for shoulders and add a shield too 🙂
    I’ll use this set for my pally looks very nice 😀

  2. Aurora Nova says:

    Blacksmithing has a BC three-piece (belt, leggings, boots) set called “Khorium Ward” that uses these textures. I use it with a red swashbuckler shirt as my town outfit

  3. RoseStarLite says:

    Missed one! Shoulder – Hyperion Pauldrons – Found in molten core
    I Found it in molten core in a Eternium Lockbox!

    • Noelani says:

      We intentionally left those out as we felt that they don’t fit the rest of the appearance too well, as is so often the case with early BoE green sets.

  4. Eulaliaa says:

    can anyone help please ive been farming this gear for weeks now and not a single peice or on the AH has coem up whats going wrong?

    • Noelani says:

      Low-population server perhaps? I just scanned my realm and found 3 Hyperion pieces listed on Alliance-side and 4 on Horde, so I’m pretty sure the items do still drop, you just might have a realm without many people grinding through level 60 content, sadly.

  5. Tzirana says:

    Using this set on The Sah’tar. Found the shoulders horrible and the FL-pice hard to get, so i got myself some Dawnsteel Shoulders (BS Bop, patterd drop in Hyjal. Same with Swiftsteel shoulders, look the same).
    Also managed to get my claws on Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion. All i can say is.. 4.3, bring it on!

  6. Seckslexia says:

    I’ve got all of the gear except for the shoulders. Trying to find something else that looks nice because I really don’t dig the ones listed too much. If anyone finds any, please list!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a diferent version for tanks.

    The Shield is the Protective Barricade of the Light:

    And the weapon can be the fireguard, or it could be the Lavaforged Warhammer (and I can’t find someone to do it on my server =/)

  8. Saithie says:

    Im’ using [Sha’tari Wrought Greaves] for boots slot. They look exactly the same. And [Avenger’s Pauldrons] for shoulder slot.
    Looks very nice.

  9. Awryt says:

    This top goes amazingly well with Legplates of the Blazing Light if you want a sexier pant option.

  10. Angelus says:

    Found 2 blacksmithing plans with exact replicas of the boots and legs: Khorium Boots and Khorium Pants. There’s also a belt as part of the set that matches the coloration but differs from the hyperion counterpart.

  11. Aralie says:

    Hi to all – I have been searching high and low for a non-Rag set of shoulders. I found Stockade Pauldrons ( on AH today, and they look really nice with the rest of the set. I just wanted to suggest it as it’s taken me quite awhile to find shoulders that looked nice with the set. 🙂

  12. seraphine says:

    I use the Bayeaux Shield with this set on my holy pally; the colors go very well with the look;

  13. Kasabian says:

    Another decent looking weapon I think goes great with this set is Nightfall, a level 70 BOE Blacksmithing item. Red and yellow, which looks very nice.

  14. mitch says:

    I use the Conquerors helm with this set and it looks pretty Rad.

  15. Mikey says:

    For anyone who is searching for alternates:

    Capes – Identical cape from Spire Stone butcher in Lower Spire; It’s a rare spawn but still pretty common.

    Cape#2 – Similar cape from Old Hillsbrad Foothils(normal)

    Also Exact legs from Bael’Gar in BRD –

  16. Adam says:

    for sholders you can always use the tier 2 sholders they look great!!

  17. Charshie says:

    I put together this set for my warrior – instead of trying to get the listed shoulders, I used the Ragesteel Shoulders, which is a craftable boe piece made by smiths. The red matches perfectly with its gold lines and looks a lot less cheesy than the other green alternatives. There are a few other blacksmith options in gold and a few red that looked good too but I thought the Ragesteel worked best.

  18. Nalda says:

    So I searched the AH after spending some time on the site here, WOW Hyperion Armor of the Bear (Chest ) 55g My jaw DROPPED – Screen available on request

  19. Pulse says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions to where the best place to farm this set would be?

  20. Mzsunday says:

    I remember when they had the other shoulders on this set. I added the rags shoulders to the Hyperion set end of cata days. Looks nicer and on a worgen dk 2 nice weapon xmogs are the greataxe from firelands and gurth’lak from madness. The red versions of course look nice and rough for the set with a death knight

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