Sundered Set


Sundered Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 68
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Potentially time consuming to gather

How to get the set:
Sundered items are random BoE Outland drops and as such, your best bet for finding them is on the Auction House.

ChestSundered Chestpiece
GlovesSundered Gauntlets
WaistSundered Waistband
LegsSundered Legguards
FeetSundered Footwraps


ShouldersJazeraint Pauldrons (BoE world drop)
PolearmNether Trident (BoE world drop within Outland)


Note: A number of Sundered items were not included here, as we felt they detracted from the quality of the overall look. You can view the additional pieces here.

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6 Responses to “Sundered Set”

  1. Aoibhinn says:

    The Tortured Bracers ( are a great match for this set. Just completed the whole set today to be ready for transmog!

  2. Taih says:

    The Defender Tunic of Stamina looks exactly the same as the Sundered Chestpiece.

  3. Ald says: are a nice match for shoulders I think.

  4. smurfie says:

    For hunters this is my suggestion for bow- head and staff instead of polearm.

    I know the bow is a little darkblue but imo it fits lovely

  5. Tikiya says:

    As a shaman, I used my Relentless season shoulders (from wrath) with this set. Great match imo! I only need the boots now!

  6. Marikive says:

    a good pair of shoulders for this set is Mantle of the Sea Wolf that drops in heroic mana tombs 2nd boss!

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