Green Dragon Mail


Green Dragon Mail
aka The Green Dragonscale Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 56 (85 with extras)
Source: BoE Leatherworker Crafted
Availability: The basic pieces are easily obtained

How to get the set:

The Green Dragonscale set consists of three rare quality BoE items crafted by Leatherworkers. The recipes require between 260-300 Leatherworking skill, and come from various sources. See below for more details on these items:

ChestGreen Dragonscale Breastplate
HandsGreen Dragonscale Gauntlets
LegsGreen Dragonscale Leggings

Chest – Crafted from 260 Leatherworking skill and upwards with Pattern: Green Dragonscale Breastplate. It is a limited supply recipe sold by Masat T’andr in the Swamp of Sorrows. Masat will only have one recipe at a time, so you may have to wait a while to buy it if someone else got there before you.

Hands – Trainable for Leatherworkers with 300 or more skill.

Legs – Crafted by Leatherworkers of 270 plus skill with Pattern: Green Dragonscale Leggings.


HeadCaptain’s Circlet (BoE world drop)
ShouldersUnyielding Spaulders (BoE world drop from early Outland zones/instances)
BackRanger Cloak (BoE world drop)
WaistFurious Gladiator’s Waistguard of Triumph (BoP drop from Koralon the Flame Watcher in Vault of Archavon 10 and Emalon the Stormwatcher in Vault of Archavon 25, at a 2% rate)
FeetWindreaver Greaves (BoP drop from Kirtonos the Herald in Scholomance, at a 20% rate)
One-Hand MaceMace of the Sacrificed (BoP drop from Daakara in Zul’Aman, at an 18% rate)
ShieldElementium Stormshield (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 520+ skill)



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5 Responses to “Green Dragon Mail”

  1. Rustbeard says:

    Sadly, with 4.0.6, the pattern for the leggings is no longer available.

  2. Jules says:

    I started building this set on my hunter. If you can’t get into VoA, the Fenclaw belt and shoulders are a nice alternative. If you’re willing to scope out the AH, Boots of the Pathfinder are the same graphic as the Windreaver greaves

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