Captain’s Set


Captain’s Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 39
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

The Captain’s items (whomever the captain might have been) are random BoE world drops from creatures of levels 37 to 45. As with approximately half of the old-world BoE sets, the Captain’s gear most specifically drops from rare elites, at a rate of 6% and lower from appropriately levelled spawns. The safest bet is the Auction House though, as farming rares and hoping for a drop from a chance that small would be very time consuming.

HeadCaptain’s Circlet
ShoulderCaptain’s Shoulderguards
ChestCaptain’s Breastplate
GlovesCaptain’s Gauntlets
WaistCaptain’s Waistguard
LegsCaptain’s Leggings
FeetCaptain’s Boots


Note: A few items belonging to the “Captain”, were not included here, in the interest of making the best looking appearance. You can find those items here on Wowhead.

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7 Responses to “Captain’s Set”

  1. krys says:

    mi win-win ^^
    female nelf huntress with full set
    plus green hair and markings
    plus winna’s kitten as hunter pet
    plus Rhok’delar Longbow of the Ancient Keepers
    plus Draenic Wildstaff
    plus Mylune’s Call
    plus Druid & Priest Statue Set

  2. Niamh says:

    Green Iron Shoulders (Blacksmith crafted) look very nice with this set. I like the look of them over the Captain’s Shoulders.

  3. Jesse says:

    There is also the Combat Mail – Recolour of this set.

  4. Zokki / Azjol - Nerub EU says:

    i think this is the best cloak for the set = )) very nice site

  5. Yuuzo says:

    Great for “Blood elven farstrider” look.

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