Battleforge Set


Battleforge Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 24 for Battleforge items/70 with extras
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

Items of the Battleforge set drop from random creatures between level 25 and level 30, most particularly rare elites. The best drop rate noted for a Battleforge piece from a rare elite is 8%, which itself isn’t too bad. The problem remains though that rare elites can have respawn times of multiple hours, so ‘farming’ them isn’t too feasible. As with all BoE uncommon drop sets, the Auction House is the place to go.

The Blood Elf pictured above has decided to accessorise and taken on two more items to match his colour scheme. There are also a couple of alternative extras listed at the bottom of the article.

ShouldersBattleforge Shoulderguards
ChestBattleforge Armor
WristsBattleforge Wristguards
GlovesBattleforge Gauntlets
WaistBattleforge Girdle
LegsBattleforge Legguards
FeetBattleforge Boots

BackEmbersilk Cloak (BoE world drop)
CrossbowEmberhawk Crossbow (BoP drop from Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates in the normal and heroic mode Arcatraz, at an 18% rate)


Below are a couple of alternative extras to match this set, both of which can be seen in the image to the right.

BackCloak of Healing Rays (BoP drop from Ghaz’an in the normal mode of The Underbog, at an 18% rate)
WeaponBlade of the Titans (BoE world drop)


Note: There are a couple of extra items in the Battleforge set that were left out in the interest of creating the best overall look. You can find them here.

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10 Responses to “Battleforge Set”

  1. Aiyannah says:

    I know you guys rarely put up helms/ head pieces but the Blood Elf Bandit Mask would look great with this set because the color scheme matches so well. just something to consider 🙂

  2. Azaria says:

    It should also be noted that Battleforge pieces drop from mobs in Gnomeregan. So a few runs and you could have the whole set if lucky. It’s the best bet if anyone chooses to farm it 🙂

  3. Roudelly says:

    I had tried Gnomeregan runs to get this full set, but after 4 clears, I still had no pieces. Just my luck, I’m sure.

    Instead, I used my SilverDragon to find all the rares in Arathi Highlands, The Hinterlands and STV and after a week of randomly farming just the rares, I had gotten the full set.

    My weapon as of now is Skyfire Hawk Bow, shown in the Glimmering Set link. Happy hunting!

  4. mellowyellow says:

    There is a set that looks exactly like this for mail wearers (or atleast they look the same to me) It’s called the Blood Knight set… muy sexy short shorts for girl toons!!

  5. Matthew Brown says:

    Yes, the Battleforge and Blood Knight sets are identical in appearance and type, meaning you can intermingle the two for a transmog set, which is what I’ve done on my hunter (Mindala-Nesingwary). I’m using Hellreaver as a transmog for my polearm — its orange/red color matches well, as does the black and gold in its shaft and fittings. Since Mindy is a troll, I have her using the Voodoo Hunting Bow as the source for the bow appearance — the red in that goes fairly well with this, and the gold bows, to my eye, look too blood elf.

  6. Kingsly says:

    Duro Footgear and Landing Boots are both matching boots and are quest rewards in Netherstorm.

  7. Bank says:

    I wanted this as a transmog for my rogue banktoon but then I found out I cant transmog it since its mail. -.- Make a leather set that is just as nice!

  8. pearlneckly says:

    this set actually is easily farmable. the rares in northern stranglethorn, the high priestess, mahamba, pogeyan, the big gorilla, and the mosh ogg leader all drop them randomly. pants seem to be the hardest to farm.

  9. darkkmoon says:

    does anyone know a good bow that would go well with this set? please

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