Abjurer’s Set


Abjurer’s Set

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 48 for Abjurer’s items, 63 with extras
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

Abjurer’s items can be found on creatures between level 47 and level 54, both inside and outside of old Azerothian instance. The Auction House is the most likely place to yield the pieces to you though, as the chance of finding one piece, let alone the whole set, from random killing, would take aeons.

HeadAbjurer’s Hood
ChestAbjurer’s Tunic
WristsAbjurer’s Bands
GlovesAbjurer’s Gloves
WaistAbjurer’s Sash
LegsAbjurer’s Pants
FeetAbjurer’s Boots


ShouldersMistscape Mantle (BoE random world drop)
StaffStarshine Staff (BoE random world drop)


Note: There are more items to the Abjurer set which have been omitted from this article. If you wish to see the other Abjurer pieces, some of which look perfectly decent, check here.

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3 Responses to “Abjurer’s Set”

  1. apinksquash says:

    If you are reading this page and are looking for a classic non-robe “wizardly” look, you may be interested in something like this:

    (is a link to Wowhead’s 3D model viewer)

    It uses some of the same pieces, but is more “wizardly”.

  2. TeeracK says:

    How could you forget the Abjurer’s Robe?

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