Medicine Stick


Medicine Stick

Armor Type: Off-Hand – Uncommon
Level Req.: 68
Source: Quest Reward
Availability: Very easy to obtain

This shady looking item dishes out a very special kind of ‘medicine’ no doubt, and as a reward from a quest open to Horde and Alliance, both factions can now play doctor.

Karuk is the man (walrus) to talk to in order to get things rolling. You will be directed to him via one of two faction specific link quests, Seek Out Karuk! for the Horde and A Diplomatic Mission for the Alliance. Karuk will give you the quest Karuk’s Oath, upon completing which you will be entitled to recipe your poker.

As an alternative to the Medicine Stick, there is a lower level BoE world drop, Rod of Molten Fire, which shares the same model. It requires level 30, so if you are lucky enough to find it on the Auction House, you could potentially have your poker 38 levels prior to getting the item documented above.

Couple one of the off-hands with Torturing Poker for a formidable dual-wield look.

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