Furbolg Medicine Pouch


Furbolg Medicine Pouch

Armor Type: Off-Hand – Uncommon
Level Req.: 1 (Theoretically)
Source: Reputation Based Vendor Purchase
Availability: Very easy to obtain at levels beyond the late-40s, trickier otherwise

The Furbolg Medicine Pouch is available to purchase from Gorn One Eye in Timbermaw Hold, once you have gained Honored reputation with the namesake faction. In order to get to Honored reputation you need to kill a lot of furbolgs around level 50, however, some resourceful individuals have taken a sneakier approach to get the Medicine Pouch for their lower-levelled characters. They start by moving their intended Pouch recipient to Felwood and then proceed to have a high levelled friend or character on another account to kill furbolgs in their presence. If you do not want the lower-levelled character to level up from the mass-slaughter of much higher level creatures, then simply turn of experience gain and you can reap all of the benefits of reputation gain without worrying about level gains.

&nAbove level 50 the reputation grind is rather small, a couple of hours at most to reach Honored from the default ‘Unfriendly’ reptuation level. Hand-ins speed up the process significantly. At lower levels you are purely reliant on reputation gain which can only be gained from creature kills, so the grind to Honored will be longer, potentially three hours in total, than for those of the intended Felwood level.

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