Barman Shanker


Barman Shanker

Armor Type: Dagger – Rare
Level Req.: 51
Source: BoP Instance Drop
Availability: Farmable but can be consuming

The Barman Shanker actually has two clone models, but as they are far harder to acquire, the Barman takes the hotseat first. The other two will be documented further down the article.

The rather sinister Barman Shanker is appropriately enough, a drop from Plugger Spazzring, mixologist gnome of the Grim Guzzler Bar in Blackrock Depths. Plugger is rather easily soloable by characters from 60 upwards, but below that you’ll probably need a hand from a friend. The drop rate is approximately 8%, which is sad, you’d expect a barman to have a bottle on him more often. The Grim Guzzler is quite a trek into BRD, so expect a Plugger run to take 10 minutes or so if you are avoiding every creature, more if you have to fight. Be sure to grab a few well earned beers from Plugger before you kill him, the lava all around and the extensive running will have you yearning for a cold drink.

Note that if you are able to get your hands on one, the Direbrew’s Remote will grand you direct access to the bar for a quick route into BRD, albeit with a long cooldown.

Both bottles matching the Barman Shanker look are considerably more difficult to obtain, but for very different reasons.

  • Direbrew’s Bloodied Shanker is yet another bottle-dagger to come from Blackrock Depths. However, this particular shanker requires level 85 and is only available as a daily reward from killing Coren Direbrew during the Brewfest world event. As Coren is only present during Brewfest, there is only a short span when you can get this item.
  • The Broken Wine Bottle, curiously considered a mace rather than a dagger like the others, is on the other hand available all year round. The bad news is that its drop chance is greatly lower than that of the Barman Shanker, or even the Direbrew. According to El’s Anglin’, the Broken Wine Bottle has to be fished up out of The Sludge Fen in The Barrens and the likelyhood of catching it is somewhere around one in a thousand casts. If you’re looking to raise your fishing skill or obtain the 1000 Fish achievement, then perhaps The Sludge Fen is the place for you, if not, be sure to bring along a fishing chair, you might be there for a while.


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  1. Speedsteel says:

    I’m a fancier of rare items and I must say that farming the Old Wine Bottle was quite a challenge. Took me around 1500 casts to grab it, but being the stubborn bastard I am, I got it in one sleepless night. Was in patch 2.2 I believe.

  2. Venzio says:

    Is this up for transmogrifying?

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