Midsummer Reveler’s Set


Midsummer Reveler’s Set

Armor Type: Cloth – Common
Level Req.: 1
Source: Seasonal Vendor/Quest Rewards
Availability: Only available during the Midsummer Fire Festival. Time consuming, but not overly difficult

How to get the set:

Head – Crown of the Fire Festival
Shoulders – Mantle of the Fire Festival
Chest – Vestment of Summer
Feet – Sandals of Summer

The Mantle, Vestment and Sandals can be purchased using Burning Blossoms during the Midsummer Fire Festival. The blossoms are obtained by either Honoring the flames of one’s own faction, or Desecrating the flames of the opposing faction. These flames, essentially bonfires, are dotted all over the zones of Azeroth and Outland, guaranteeing that those wishing to visit them all will be doing a lot of travelling. Obviously if you are low level and plan to visit every flame, it’s not feasible to travel around Outland zones. As such an escort, especially one with a two-seater mount, would be advised below level 60. The Alliance holds 32 flames and the Horde 30, as well as both factions having a bonfire in each of their capital cities. Honoring a flame earns you 5 Blossoms, desecrating one earns 10, resulting in a grand total of 560 potential blossoms for members of the Alliance, and 570 for those of the Horde.

This brings us neatly on to the blossom cost of the clothing items:
Mantle – 100
Vestment – 100
Sandals – 200
The combined total for this is of course 400 Burning Blossoms, which means that you can comfortably obtain all of the purchasable set pieces without having to visit every single flame.

Obtaining the Crown is slightly tougher, as it requires you to delve deeper into enemy territory, that is to say that you have to ‘capture’ the flame from each of your opposing factions cities. Upon completion of this task, you will be offered the quest A Thief’s Reward and will receive the Crown as your prize.

Note: The Night Elf in the image above is wielding Grayson’s Torch, which, whilst not affiliated with the Midsummer Fire Festival, does resemble the throwing torches that are a popular part of the seasonal events.

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