Festival Suit


Festival Suit

Armor Type: Cloth – Common
Level Req.: 1
Source: Seasonal Tailoring Item
Availability: Occasionally available on the Auction House, but finding a Tailor is probably your best bet

The Festival Suit shares a model with three other Festive Pant Suits from the Lunar Festival. This version however,  is the only one that is not a quest reward and is available  all-year round. It is crafted by Tailors of 250 or more skill  who have Pattern: Festival Suit, which itself is only  available during the Lunar event. The pattern can be  acquired from Fariel Starsong in Moonglade, at a cost of  5 Coins of Ancestry, which can in turn be collected from  Elders scattered throughout the world during the Lunar season.

The materials required for a Tailor to make the Suit are as follows:

4x Bolt of Runecloth
2x Firebloom
2x Red Dye
2x Rune Thread

Note:  WoWWiki has an excellent guide showing the location of all Lunar Festival  Elders, which should help you in your quest for Coins of Ancestry.

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