Deep Core Lantern


Deep Core Lantern

Armor Type: Off-Hand – Uncommon
Level Req.: 58
Source: Quest Reward
Availability: Very easy to obtain

There is one more item ingame which shares this model, but it can no longer be obtained, since Cataclysm removed the source quests. The Deep Core Lantern remains available from the same quest for both factions.

The Deep Core Lantern is a reward from the Hellfire Peninsula quest, Beneath Thrallmar, given to members of both factions by Foreman Razelcraz after a small quest chain. The quest requires level 58.

As aforementioned, there was a lower level alternative to the Deep Core, the Everglow Lantern. It was available to both factions, but via seperate quests. For members of the Alliance, it was a reward for completing Supplies to Auberdine, an Ashenvale quest given by Feero Ironhand, that requires level 19. Horde members could acquire the Lantern at 17 from Weapons ofChoice in The Barrens, given out by Tatternack Steelforge.

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  1. Altrien says:

    This item is not able to get anymore.

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