Elegant Dress

Elegant Dress


Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 1
Source: Vendor Purchased or Dropped
Availability: Simple enough to farm, but only during the Noblegarden event

The Elegant Dress is available either to buy, or as a drop during the Noblegarden event each year. During this time you may be lucky enough to find the dress inside of a Brightly Coloured Egg, however, the drop chance is a meagre 0.5%. Luckily though there is an alternative, as for the price of 50 Noblegarden Chocolate, contained in the aforementioned eggs, you can buy the Elegant Dress from the Noblegarden Merchant (Horde) and the Noblegarden Vendor (Alliance).

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  1. groms says:

    I tested this on my Tauren(male)XDDD

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