Alanna’s Embrace


Alanna’s Embrace

Armor Type: Cloth – Epic
Level Req.: 40
Source: BoP Instance Drop
Availability: No longer obtainable

How to get the set:

Alanna’s Embrace was a BoP epic drop from Ras Frostwhisper in Scholomance. The drop chance was approximately 2%.

Unfortunately, the item is no longer obtainable, following the Patch 5.0.4 update to Scholomance.

We’ve included a handful of extras to accompany the set, from a variety of sources.


ShouldersSoulcloth Shoulders (BoE crafted by Tailors of 365+ skill with Pattern: Soulcloth Shoulders)
WristsHigh Councillor’s Bracers (BoE world drop)
HandsSoulcloth Gloves (BoE crafted by Tailors of 355+ skill with Pattern: Soulcloth Gloves)
WaistRuthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy (Vendor purchase at the cost of 1650 Honor Points)
FeetRingo’s Blizzard Boots (BoP trash drop from Death Talon Wyrmguards in Blackwing Lair)

One-Handed MaceIridescent Hammer (BoE crafted by Blacksmiths of 140+ skill)
Off-HandScepter of Passionate Reprisal (Quest reward from Sasha’s Hunt in Grizzly Hills)



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5 Responses to “Alanna’s Embrace”

  1. Karl says:

    Got this first time I did the instance on my 40 pala. Mageaggro after that ^^

  2. Angela says:

    Got it on my 7th kill. I use Gossamer shoulders, Serenity Belt, Cowl of Benevolence, and Soulcloth gloves. Not too crazy about some of the pieces but that’s the best I could match it

  3. Lou says:

    Hey, what feet item r u wearing in this picture 😀

    • Noelani says:

      We’ve now updated this article and replaced the original image with a fully transmogrifiable set based around Alanna’s Embrace. Nevertheless, the footwear depicted in the original image was the Knitted Sandals, although this picture has now been removed from the site.

  4. Ocyla says:

    I am using Reed Handwraps for the gloves, it has a white/gold/dark pink scheme that seemed to work with the robe.

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