The Miner


The Miner’s Set

Armor Type: Cloth (Aside from the helm – see bottom)
Level Req.: 71
Source: BoE/BoP Drops
Availability: Rather challenging to obtain, especially some of the potential helmets

Head – Expert Goldminer’s Helm
Chest – Thread-Bare Cloth Vest
Gloves – Thread-Bare Cloth Gloves
Waist – Whipvine Cord
Legs – Thread-Bare Cloth Pants
Feet – Kayser’s Boots of Precision
Mainhand – Mining Pick
Off-hand – Eerie Stable Lantern

How to get the set:

Thread-Bare Items – The chest, gloves and legs are random Northrend world drops. As they are considered ‘trash’ loot, there’s no guaranteed way to get them. Your best bet is to check the AH regularly and kill lots of creatures in the meantime, hoping you get lucky.

Whipvine Cord – The belt is a BoP item from Alzzin the Wildshaper in Dire Maul East, with a 20% drop chance. There are however numerous suitable belts in game which fit the miner’s appearance, just browse the AH and you may find something that fits you better and may be considerably easier to get!

Kayser’s Boots – The boots drop at a 22% rate from War Master Voone in Lower Blackrock Spire. However, as with the belt above, there are plenty of other options that would match the Miner look.

Mining Pick – The pick is delightfully easy to obtain. You can buy one from vendors almost anywhere and anybody can equip them, as they are not within a specific weapon category.

Off-hand Lantern – The lantern depicted here is the Eerie Stable Lantern, a 9% chance drop from Fel Steeds in Shadowfang Keep. There are a few more options here if you don’t fancy instance farming. If you would like a lantern with an alternative look, try Everglow Lantern, available from level 24 quests on both factions.

Mining Helmet – There are a multitude of options for the definitive headpiece, with varying degrees of difficulty to obtain:

If you are fortunate enough to be a Goblin Engineer, you can easily make one of the following four headpieces matching the mining helmet look. All four recipes are available from Goblin Engineering Trainers.

Availability: Rather challenging to obtain, especially some of the potential helmets


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  1. Scott Smith says:

    Miner’s Hat of the Deep doesn’t drop in game any more.

  2. Rob says:

    Any thoughts on a blacksmith outfit or did I miss it lol

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