Chan’s Imperial Robes


Chan’s Imperial Robes/Crystal Webbed Robe

Armor Type: Cloth – Rare/Epic
Level Req.: 47/60 (85 with extras)
Source: BoE drop/BoP raid drop
Availability: No longer obtainable

How to get the set:

There were once two versions of this robe model in-game. Sadly, neither of them are currently available, so consider yourself lucky if you have one!

Chan’s Imperial Robes originally dropped from Mith’rethis the Enchanter, a rare-elite in The Hinterlands.

However, it appears that Mith’rethis no longer drops them, the likely reason being that The Hinterlands was scaled down as a zone upon the release of Cataclysm, from a 40-50 level zone to a 30-35. Mith’rethis, who was originally a level 52 elite, has been lowered to level 33 and it would therefore be rather odd to have him drop a robe designed for characters 14 levels higher.

This theory is supported by the fact that the drop rate on the robes, listed on Wowhead as 9% before Cataclysm, has now fallen to 0.07%, suggesting that the only data of successful drops came before the zone changes. Chan’s is a BoE robe, so it turns up on the Auction House occasionally from people who’ve had it in their banks since before Cataclysm, but the prices are currently particularly high.

The second robe, the Crystal Webbed Robe, originally dropped from Maexxna in Naxxramas 40, but was removed when Wrath of the Lich King was released.


ShouldersSilksand Shoulder Pads (BoE world drop)
WristsMystical Bracers (BoE world drop)
HandsGossamer Gloves (BoE world drop)
WaistRuthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy (BoP vendor purchase at the cost of 1650 Honor Points)
FeetRingo’s Blizzard Boots (BoP trash drop from Death Talon Wyrmguards in Blackwing Lair)


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5 Responses to “Chan’s Imperial Robes”

  1. Nanachi says:

    GM has told me that this robe no longer drops from any mob in the game. (4.3) 🙁

  2. chella says:

    a gm just told me that the robes still do drop but they no longer drop off the rare mob in the hinterlands due to the zone level change after cata. i would suggest farming them in tanaris, badlands or zul’farrak even. good luck and hope this helps.

  3. Alessandra says:

    Asked a GM in august/2012. She said that they still drop ingame, but couldn´t give me more info about it.

  4. Arizara says:

    Talked with many GMs – every one said that the robe drops.

    Calculated it – rare mob doens’t have the level required to drop the robe since cataclysm – so, no chance?

    Traveled through every European Realm to get the Robe, no one… not for 10k, 100k or 1000k gold was able to get the Robe for me… I got it for 200k from a player who hold it since burning crusade on his storage.

    After this – i can say, the Robe does not drop anymore

  5. SamySunshine says:

    Drop the robe today yet?

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