Black Mageweave

Black Mageweave

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 41 for Black Mageweave, 72 with extras
Source: BoE Tailor crafted
Availability: The Mageweave pieces are easily obtained via a Tailor or the Auction House

How to get the set:

The Black Mageweave set is crafted fully by tailors with a required minimum crafting skill between 205-230 depending on the item. Each of the recipes is trainer purchased and thus the set is very widely available.

There’s quite a difference between the appearances of this set on male and female characters, so we’ve shown both (although we included different legs for the male).

Head – Black Mageweave Headband
Shoulders – Black Mageweave Shoulders
Chest – Black Mageweave Vest
Hands – Black Mageweave Gloves
Legs – Black Mageweave Leggings
Feet – Black Mageweave Boots


Back – Capacitus’ Cloak of Calibration (BoP drop from Cache of the Legion in The Mechanar)
Wrists – Master’s Bracers (BoE world drop)
Waist – Sash of Whispered Secrets (Contained within Cache of the Firelord after defeating Majordomo Executus in Molten Core)
Staff – Life-Staff of the Web Lair (Purchased from Hadronox in normal mode Azjol-Nerub)

On the human male only:
Shirt – Stylish Black Shirt (Purchased from Lisbeth Schneider in Stormwind)
Legs – Silver-Thread Pants (BoE world drop)


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12 Responses to “Black Mageweave”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awsome set.. a little tweeking and you too can look bad azz ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    A correction is needed on the mats, since the whole set requires 8 heavy silken threads and 6 silken threads, instead of the 14 heavy mentioned in the guide.

  3. An Wen Tan says:

    I can’t find a belt that fits though, so far… Anyone have any suggestions?

  4. Aurora Nova says:

    for a matching chapeau reminiscent of Whitemane, see [Mish’undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer] from Nefarian in BWL.

  5. Aurora Nova says:

    For those leather/mail/plate-wearers out there looking for alternate shoulders, I found that the leathery [Dark Leather Shoulders] have the exact same color palette.

  6. susiemac21 says:

    There’s a lovely purple recolour of this too, I am definitely getting it for my Belf!

  7. Sela says:

    I think the Netherweave Belt (also craftable by tailors) looks great with this set.

  8. Kirashka says:

    I put this set together for my shadow priest (with a few tweaks). I used the Spidersilk Boots in place of the mageweave, plain black gloves, netherweave belt and wrists. This is a set that turns heads I assure you. 😉

  9. Funk says:

    Anyone know of an dagger and offhand that would match this?

  10. endersblade says:

    As a female Draenei, I actually found that makes a much better match for bracers. They make it look like the gloves are long. I also find to be a better matching belt. It’s much less obtrusive, and blends in rather nicely.

  11. Deyamira says:

    Actualy there are gloves just for this set I’v been trying to get them both horde and allaince can get them they drop from Maleki the Pallid in Stratholme Hope it helps 😀

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