Astralaan Set

Astralaan Set

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 65
Source: BoE Outland world drops
Availability: Not easily farmable, checking the Auction House regularly is the best option

How to get the set:

As mentioned under the availability section above, all pieces of the Astralaan set are random world drops from any creatures in Outland of level 65 and upwards. Due to this, it isn’t really feasible to ‘farm’ for the Astralaan items unless you plan on killing non-stop for several weeks. The Auction House is a much more reliable place to start your search.

The Astralaan, unlike many of the green BoE cloth sets, does not have a vest option, only a robe. As the robe covers most of the items, we took the liberty to include an alternative chestpiece and a few other items to enhance the outfit. At the bottom of the article there is an image depicting all Astralaan items (with the exception of the robe).

ShouldersAstralaan Shoulderpads
HandsAstralaan Gloves
WaistAstralaan Belt
LegsAstralaan Pants

ChestDrakeweave Raiment (BoE drop from Hemathion, a rare spawn in Blade’s Edge Mountains, at a 25% drop rate)
FeetBuccaneer’s Boots (BoE world drop)
FeetMistwalker Boots (BoE zone drop from random creatures in the Sunken Temple)
One-Handed SwordSpeedsteel Rapier (BoE world drop)

There are other pieces in the Astralaan Set which are not listed here, but fit with the rest of the items perfectly, as can be seen in the image to the right. The only exception is the normal chestpiece for the set, the robe, which sadly covers most of the items.

If you’re not worried about your outfit being transmogrifiable, the alternative chestpiece depicted on the right is the Tuxedo Shirt. It requires a tailor of 240 skill and upwards to craft, and is learned from Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt, which tailors can purchase in Ironforge or Undercity. The pattern is limited supply, but nevertheless, a lot of tailors are able to craft this item, so it should be simple enough to find on the Auction House or via direct crafting.


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4 Responses to “Astralaan Set”

  1. anon says:

    hey, i was just wondering what the name of the cape that you have displayed on this picture is. thanks 🙂

    • Ironyca says:

      The cloak is not supposed to be in the picture, it’s an error on my part. It’s a guild cloak and will have a design like the guild tabard, I’m not sure how well you can replicate the white design, perhaps to some degree.

  2. Suzanne says:


    After my harrison jones project, I am now starting on an astralaan set for my dwarf priestess… But i dont like the mentioned chests, the best alternative for me is the style of the shadow council tunic, but it is all jukky, and doesn’t go that well with the pristine white astralaan pieces… Isn’t there a black version of Belloc Brightblades shirt available (schnottz’ landing uldum).

    • Noelani says:

      The closest to a black version of his coat would be the Tuxedo Jacket, but that isn’t really that close. Sadly, there’s nothing sharing a model with Belloc’s chestpiece which is available to players.

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