Gossamer Robe


Gossamer Robe

Armor Type: Cloth – Uncommon
Level Req.: 45
Source: BoE World Drop
Availability: Very low drop chance, Auction House is the best bet

How to get the set:

The Gossamer Robe is a BoE world drop from creatures of the late 40’s – early 50’s levels.

The armor extras are also from the Gossamer set and drop from the same sources. Scanning the Auction House is probably the best option for locating the pieces.

HeadGossamer Headpiece
ShouldersGossamer Shoulderpads
HandsGossamer Gloves
WaistGossamer Belt
LegsGossamer Pants
FeetGossamer Boots

Main Hand MaceHand of Righteousness (BoP drop from High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral)
Off-HandRegal Star (BoE world drop)


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3 Responses to “Gossamer Robe”

  1. Alexia Ricketts says:

    Dawnspire Cord is the belt for this robe.
    Fitting boots would be Aurora Boots.

  2. Kiryn says:

    Don’t forget about the Gossamer Cape! It has the same white with gold trim look to it. There are fortunately many long white/gold capes if you can’t manage to find the real Gossamer though.

    This will always be my favorite cloth set, if only because white is such a rare color for armor in this game.

  3. Hugo says:

    You’re absolutely right on the belt Alexia, thank you 😀
    Not so sure about the boots though.

    Either way, a very nice set indeed.

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